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Q&A Session With Georgie Donk

Georgie Donk Fitness
Student Name: Georgie Donk

Course Location: Manchester

Type of course: Fast Track

Date Completed: 06/11/15

When Georgie Donk finished university, she decided to work in an advertising agency for three years. However, 2015 was the year Georgie decided to completely change her life by following her passion in life; fitness. Not only did Georgie become a fully qualified Personal Trainer with The Training Room, but she also managed to turn her love for sport and fitness into a successful career, all in the space of just a few months!

Now, we’ve managed to catch up with Georgie, who shares some exciting insight in how she found the course and how she’s finding life as a Personal Trainer:

Q: Why did you choose to do a Personal Training course?

I have always loved fitness and so after 3 years working in an advertising agency, I decided to take the leap and do something I was passionate about – working as a Personal Trainer.

Q: Why did you choose The Training Room?

I was so impressed with the outline of the course and the support I had throughout the whole process. I was unsure whether to do my training at the Leeds academy or the Manchester academy, so the support team put me directly in contact with the tutors so that I could speak to them first hand. It was the little things like this that made The Training Room stand out to me.

Q: What material did you receive from The Training Room when you started your course?

I received a uniform, 6 course manuals covering the whole course syllabus and also a gym pass for the 6-weeks of the course.

Q: What was your experience on our course?

I really enjoyed it. The tutor we had was brilliant and I found the course itself really interesting – I was also surprised at how much I enjoyed the Anatomy & Physiology side of the course. However, what really made it was my course mates – we all got on so well and really supported each other through the course. It was great having people around you who share the same passion as you. We still keep in touch now.

Q: What was the highlight of the course?

My highlight was finding out I had passed my level 3 exam. I had not expected it to be as difficult as it was, and I was really nervous to find out how I had done. Everyone was so happy when we got our results and found out we passed and even though the exam was difficult, the tutors stayed late to help us with revision and made sure that we weren't going into the exam without being as prepared as possible.

Q: What is your best memory about your time on our course?

When learning about all of the energy systems, we had a competition in the gym. We each had a partner and had to complete a series of exercises that each used different energy systems as quickly as possible. We all were so competitive that everyone took it really seriously but it was so much fun – and the best way to remember which energy system is used when.

Q: How did you find the Academy location?

Really convenient. It was just off a main road so the traffic was never too bad and there was a massive car park and the gym itself was amazing – one of the biggest in Europe with every piece of equipment you could imagine!

Q: How did you find the tutor?

We had quite a few tutors in the end which was a bit of a shame, however our main tutor, Steve was brilliant. He taught us in a really clear and easy way and it was obvious that he really enjoyed teaching which made it fun.

Q: Do you still keep in contact with your tutor/other students? If so, have you met up since?

Yes, I keep in touch with the tutor and students. We haven’t met up but we are in constant contact through Whatsapp and are planning to meet up in the next few weeks.

Q: How did you find balancing doing your course and other lifestyle commitments / other work?

I thought this would be really difficult but it was a lot more manageable than I had expected. There was a lot to learn on the course and so it was important to work in your evenings, however if you kept on top of things, it was always manageable.

Q: How are you finding life as a Personal Training? / What does your future hold?

It’s the best job in the world – I still can’t believe I’m being paid to help people change their lifestyles. I am currently working in a private PT gym, running 12-week fat loss programmes and also private sessions. I plan to become a senior trainer in the next six months and start mentoring other trainers coming through. The future is certainly big!

Q: Have you used our Career Support service yet? If so, was it helpful (how easy was it to find a job / start your own business)?

No I haven’t, however while I was on the course, they contacted me a few times and were really friendly and helpful.

Q: Would you recommend this course to others? If yes, why?

Yes, because the tutor was great, the people you meet are amazing and the course itself is so interesting and fun. It’s been such a great experience doing this course and I think anyone who is interested in becoming a PT should go for it!

The Training Room would like to congratulate Georgie on her success and we wish her all the best in her Personal Training Career. 

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