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Top leg day workouts

You know what they say… never skip leg day!
Leg workouts are not only a great way to help build muscle in your legs for strength and power, but working on your lower body can also help to keep your body balanced and in proportion.

The Training Room | 31/07/2022 09:00:00

How to set realistic summer body goals

Everybody’s idea of the ‘perfect summer body’ is different – whatever that looks like for you, setting realistic fitness goals to help you along your fitness journey can make all the difference in keeping you motivated long-term.
It’s normal for many of us to begin to tire of tedious workouts and bland diets, and some people find they lose their enthusiasm as their lofty fitness goals seem to move further and further away.
So, how do you go about setting realistic summer body goals that are not only attainable but that you can implement to ensure they work for you long after summer has passed?

The Training Room | 06/07/2022 21:00:00

10 Summer Nutrition Tips

For many of us, the sunny summer months are the busiest time of the year. From holidays and BBQs to beer garden trips, days at the beach and, of course, wedding season, the summer can be hectic, to say the least.
And, as we get busier, it can be difficult to stay on track with our nutrition goals.
Here are our top 10 summer nutrition tips, so you can enjoy the summer while feeling your very best.

The Training Room | 16/06/2022 09:00:00

Make your walk feel more like a workout

Brisk walking brings with it many health benefits, as well as being free and one of the simplest ways to improve your health and lose weight.

To help maximise your walks, we’ve answered a stack of need-to-knows and come up with a host of inspirational ideas to help transform your stroll into a walking workout.

The Training Room | 06/06/2022 09:17:01

Frequently asked muscle soreness questions

Have you ever woken up the day after a workout, only to find your legs are so sore you can barely get out of bed?!
You’re not alone.
Muscle soreness is incredibly common after exercise, particularly if you’re new to it, returning to the gym after time away, or trying out a new activity or routine.
Here are some of the questions our fitness experts are most frequently asked about muscle soreness:

The Training Room | 16/05/2022 09:00:00

The Training Room Announced as Supplier of the Year Finalist

We are delighted to share that the Training Room has been shortlisted as a finalist for the prestigious ukactive 2022 Awards in the Supplier of the Year category.
This nomination recognises the commitment of our Health and Fitness Team to outstanding PT education through the immersive educational experience they provide to our students and gym partner staff.


The Training Room | 06/05/2022 09:00:00

What workout equipment should I buy for home?

Whether you want to be able to workout at home between gym visits, or you’re looking for a home-based alternative, investing in home workout equipment will allow you to exercise on your terms.

The Training Room | 03/05/2022 09:00:00

Top 5 classroom craft ideas for Easter

As we continue into April, Easter is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to get your class working on some fun Easter crafts!
Introducing your students to Easter crafts will allow them to get creative, improve their artistic skills, and make something they can be proud of.

The Training Room | 07/04/2022 11:12:33

The best 10-minute workouts when you’re short on time

Despite your best intentions, some days can be difficult to fit a full workout or trip to the gym into your hectic schedule.
But, if you’re short on time, even just 10 minutes of exercise a day can really make a difference to your health and fitness.
So, if you’re looking for quick workouts that can make you feel amazing, here are our top picks for 10-minute workouts!

The Training Room | 07/04/2022 10:56:29

Tips For Organising Your Time As A Personal Trainer

Are you a passionate Personal Trainer but organisation isn’t necessarily your strong point? Don’t worry, we’re here to make sure you get plenty of advice for organising and allocating your time wisely as well as ensuring you have the digital tools to excel within your health and fitness career! 

The Training Room | 17/02/2022 12:00:00

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