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Tips For Organising Your Time As A Personal Trainer

Posted 12 July 2023

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Are you a passionate Personal Trainer but organisation isn’t necessarily your strong point? Don’t worry, we’re here to make sure you get plenty of advice for organising and allocating your time wisely as well as ensuring you have the digital tools to excel within your health and fitness career!

There’s plenty of different ways to ensure you’re the absolute best Personal Trainer you can be for your clients in terms of choosing how to organise your client’s data, choosing a Personal Trainer software to act as an online calendar, schedule and reminder system - and generally just how to divide your time.

Keeping on top of this will help you tremendously by ensuring that you’re productive, set up for success and not to get overwhelmed by your upcoming appointments with clients. Here are some of our top tips for organising your time and weekly agendas as a Personal Trainer:

Create a schedule for yourself and stick to it!

If you’re a self-employed Personal Trainer, you’ll know the importance of setting a clear schedule for yourself throughout the week is optimal for feeling organised and being proactive too. Whether you want to do it through a specific app, website or software like Google calendar and spreadsheets - it’s totally up to you, which layout you prefer and overall, what works best for you!

For this, keep in mind, leave some space for unexpected changes, if clients request a new time or date but at the same time setting boundaries for yourself so you aren’t completely dictated to by your clients. You don’t want constant fluctuations and changes throughout your week, month or year so keep in mind that balance between being flexible but a little strict too. Know your value in other words!

Consider getting a work phone to make your job easier

You’ll thank us for this later. By getting yourself a phone solely for work purposes, you’ll find it much easier to separate your work from personal messages and calls. With a work phone, you can have it switched on during working hours and create a more client-focused, professional voicemail as well. If you’re using one phone for business and for your personal life, there’s a higher likelihood of receiving client calls out of hours and you’ll be under pressure to reply to messages outside of working hours on a regular basis.

Everybody needs time to switch off. You don’t want to start feeling burnt out and ultimately your clients want the most passionate, energised version of yourself. So don’t be guilty about creating that separation on your phone.

Use online scheduling tools for awesome results and stay ahead

In order to really keep on top of your client appointments and how you want to spend and plan your week or month, it’s good to explore a variety of scheduling options to see what works for you and will make you more efficient in the long run.

There are loads of personal training-oriented software out there which can help you organise your time - some of which can even send out reminder alerts to your clients to reduce the chance of no-shows and will give your more forgetful clients a helpful nudge prior to your session. What’s not to like!

Another key aspect to staying organised and utilising online tools would be to make sure you’ve organised your client’s data. You could do this on Google Spreadsheets or another tool of your choice, either as an A-Z contact list or you could do it alphabetically by class and one-to-ones instead. Whatever works for you. Ensure you’ve got this list handy, either saving on the Cloud or creating a backup.

Make sure you’re keeping up a healthy lifestyle yourself

Sounds like a no-brainer but it’s a good reminder, nonetheless. Maintaining a well regimented, active, efficient lifestyle while keeping up with all obligations. It’s important that you feel organised, capable and your schedule is in order because clients expect you to be the one to lead by example.

They’re actively seeking to apply the same self-discipline and action into their own lives. And if they feel as though you’re a bit half-hearted and uninterested in maintaining your own well-being, this will be a red flag for them, and you could very well lose some good business as a result.

Get yourself some referrals too to fill your schedule

Gaining new referrals are a huge bonus for every Personal Trainer and help to fill up your schedule. Some Personal Trainers feel a bit embarrassed asking for referrals from clients but you’re perfectly within your boundaries to do so.

You can either sit and wait then hope the referrals start coming in, or you can be a little more assertive and find a way to lightly suggest whether or not your client has friends or family who could benefit from taking up some sessions too.

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