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Planning an Autumn Event - Your Essential Guide

Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Autumn comes with the beauty of the colours, the cosiness of the evenings and crisp fresh morning air. There’s a whole new party season to celebrate and plan for!  It’s the perfect opportunity to add a touch of autumnal elegance to your events.

While it’s great to while away warm summer nights with clients, friends and family, autumn and winter are also wonderful times to entertain. The chillier weather calls for open fires, autumn treats and delicious food! And with Halloween, bonfire night, Christmas and new year all packed into 3 months, there are plenty of events to keep you busy!

Whether you’re planning an autumn wedding, Halloween party, firework display, corporate dinner party or business seminar, there are a few key points you’ll want to keep in mind as the seasons and weather change. Planning ahead for all outcomes and paying attention to the little details can make all the difference to your clients and guests.

To start with, your event will take shape just like any other – you’ll write a draft list of the essentials, create a budget, plan your guest list and source a venue (find out how to plan the perfect event in 10 easy steps) but you’ll also need to factor in a few additional extras while planning an event in autumn/winter…

Here’s a guide to planning the perfect autumnal event! 

  • Rain and mud - Have a supply of umbrellas, wellies and doormats to guard against wet guests and muddy footprints! If needed, hire a cleaning team to keep the venue looking spotless while the event is in progress.
  • Plan B - Planning an outdoor event anytime in the UK can be risky but it’s even more likely that mother nature will turn up to your event too in the autumn/winter months. Have a back up plan ready to go just in case those pesky rain clouds start rolling in! Either hire a tent or marquee, or reserve a backup venue that’s not too far from your original space if you don’t think the weather will be on your side. Before booking an outdoor event, think about factors like the wind, rain, temp­erature and natural lighting – if any of these will affect your event very badly, it might be worth re-thinking and moving it to an indoor event instead!
  • Comfort food - the weather can determine a lot more than just your venue: you’ll also need to think about the food and drink menu you’ll offer your guests. As lovely as freshly grilled meats and salads are, if the weather turns nippy, you’ll want to offer something warm and comforting to offer your guests too. Make the most of the season by offering delicious warm apple and blackberry (or any other seasonal fruits) pies as dessert!
  • Save on the decor - Autumn is such a beautiful time of year that you’ll be able to save money on decorating the venue by letting nature take centre stage! If y­­our event is going to be held outdoors, a few simple fairy lights in the trees, some candles placed in hurricane vases and some paper bunting is all you’ll really need! If your event is indoors, hit up your Pinterest account to see what other people have made by simply collecting some colourful leaves, twigs and pine cones! Simple, beautiful and effective.
  • Keep cosy - wrap your guests up in luxurious warmth by offering cosy blankets if it’s an outdoor event. It’s also a great opportunity to hire some fire pits and toast some marshmallows!
  • Select a scent - smelling certain scents trigger pleasant memories in our brains which can instantly have your guests feeling happy, relaxed and nostalgic. Try using scented candles or essential oils like cinnamon, nutmeg and orange or cedarwood to make your venue smell as autumnal as it looks!
  • Fabric selection - if your event needs any fabric like chairs, throws or cushions, opt for traditional autumnal prints like tweed, tartan and checks to keep the autumn vibes throughout.
  • Re-invent classic treats - Why not inject a little throwback fun into your event by re-invigorating classic autumn treats like toffee apples and doughnuts for your guests to enjoy! Give them an adult makeover by using dark chocolate, white chocolate, nuts, berries and decorative icing. You can even let the guest have extra fun by setting up an area for them to decorate and make their own treats! Yum!
  • Harvest Vibes – Hay bales are perfect for creating that harvest vibe in your outdoor autumn events! Use them for informal seating (don’t forget to add a throw) rustic side tables or simply for decoration!
  • Natural Lighting – you can create an impressive natural chandelier by (very, very carefully) suspending branches and leaves from the ceiling! You can find some beautiful branch and autumn leaves chandelier inspo on Pinterest
  • Warm up! - If the weather turns a little cooler, why not offer your guests a warm drink to hold. Hot chocolate, artisan coffee or loose-leaf tea is a great option to serve your guests. Don’t forget to create a little seasonal treat by adding autumnal flavours like pumpkin spice, cinnamon, gingerbread and salted caramel syrups to the hot chocolates and coffee. You can also warm them up from the inside by offering a selection of spirits too!
  • Simple table decoration – use pine cones, acorns, leaves, fruits, rocks, twigs, branches, flowers and pumpkins to create simple yet elegant place card holders, table decorations and centre pieces for a fraction of the usual decorative costs!
  • Kids coming to your party? - A few fun crafts and activities will keep them happy (and busy!) Try holding pumpkin painting competitions or take them on an autumnal walk to collect some leaves for leaf rubbing pictures.
  • Don’t forget the entertainment! - If it’s an outdoor event, why not ditch the iPod and hire some live music to get your guests up and dancing and hire some fireworks end the party with a bang!
With an event as beautiful and spectacular as this, you’ll want to spread the word to make sure everyone knows all about it! 
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