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Event Photography - Where You Should Start

Event-photography-header-01.jpgThese days, it’s hard to imagine any party or event happening without it being well documented by a professional photographer, right?

Whether it’s a birthday, an annual company party, wedding or business seminar, there’s bound to be someone there in charge of capturing the night with a camera! If your passion is event planning and photography, that person could be you!

Maybe you’ve always wanted to give event photography a try? After all that time spent carefully planning the event, selecting the perfect venue and paying close attention to all the little details that will make the event really special, you’ll want some photos to remember it by (and of course use to show your next set of clients!)

Sound like a career you’d be great at? Here’s how to become an events planner), or maybe you just realised the huge potential of this field, and the added bonus of being able to increase your earning potential by offering this additional service to your clients.
Becoming an event photographer isn’t as easy as it seems. Sure, anyone can go to a party, snap some pics on their phone and share it on social media, but you’ll need to do better than that to get hired (and paid) as the official event photographer.
Whether you simply want to take amazing pictures of your carefully planned event to share with your future clients and use to promote your business, or you want to add another string to your bow and increase your earning potential, here are the steps you can follow to help you get started!

Event-photography-Wedding-event-01.jpgCreate an online portfolio
Sharing a select few of your favourite images on social media is a great way to promote your business but uploading too many is just overkill. You’ll need to create an online portfolio to show off your best work (and promote your business while you’re at it) with a stunning website. You can also offer an ‘invite only’ gallery viewing to your clients if they wish to keep their event photos private. It’s a great way for everyone that attended the party to look at (and maybe even buy) their favourite images from the evening.

Be sure to include:
  • A high-quality gallery featuring a selection of your best work from a variety of event types (unless you choose to specialise in one area)
  • A friendly and informative ‘about me’ page
  • A detailed list of the services you offer
  • An FAQ section
  • An easy to use contact form

Event-photography-Catering-01.jpgPrevious work
Once you’ve got your website up and running you’ll want to upload some of your most recent work to start getting hired. If you haven’t yet been hired as an event photographer, get some practice in by taking photos at your friend’s events or offer your services for free (while you practice) to local singers, musicians, venues and businesses. They’ll benefit from having some free photos and you’ll have the chance to practise your skills and get some fantastic images to show future clients!

Event-photography-Business-Event-01.jpgBusiness branding
Protect your work (and business) with a watermark. Every business needs branding, and photography is no different. If you’re creative you can design the logo yourself, if not you can hire a designer to do it for you. You can then use this to brand your business and watermark your images to protect your work.

Event-photography-detail-photography-01.jpgFind your camera
Do some research to find out which camera is right for you and the type of photography you want to shoot. Keep in mind your skill level and what you plan to learn over the next 6 months as you don’t want (or need) anything too technical while you’re getting used to using a professional camera. Once you grow in experience and skill-set you can always update your camera for a better version once you’re ready.

It's worth finding some photography lessons if you’re a beginner, or you can study up in your own time by watching some YouTube videos (especially handy if you know which camera you’re buying as you can watch the tutorials!)

Event-photography-music-event-01.jpgReady, set, shoot!
You’re ready to get snapping! Here are a few top tips to keep in mind:
  • If you’re taking photos of the venue, it’s worth turning up early and getting a few images of the venue and the décor before your guests arrive and it gets too crowded
  • Make sure you know the type of photos your client wants before the day, you don’t want a whole gallery of the guests at the party if your client just wanted images of the décor and catering on offer
  • Carry business cards! You’ll be meeting a lot of new faces, it’s worthwhile having your business cards to hand so you can network and promote your events photography business – especially while they are already having such a great time at one you’re photographing!
Event-photography-Wedding-venue-01.jpgLast but not least, you don’t want to do all this work and not have anyone book you because they can’t find you! If you want your photography to be seen and event to be a big hit, read this blog next!

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