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How to Keep Up with the Events You’re Missing – From Home

Concerts that were cancelled… are still happening!
Although there are certainly more important things to worry about – for many of us, the inability to attend our favourite artist’s concert or that hotly-anticipated event during the past couple (and upcoming) months has been nothing short of devastating. You rallied the troops. You bought a new outfit. You planned your evening. But… it’s been cancelled.


Well, think again. So many artists and companies have thrown out the rule book and are still putting on concerts – virtually!

From reliving classics, to new song debuts, to unlikely collaborations – these folk have it all. So grab your mates, hop on a video call and party to a live stream ‘til your heart’s content. Many of these virtual events are also in aid of charities, so it makes attending that little bit more worthwhile. If you fancy attending an event or just want to keep up-to-date with what’s happening, Billboard have an extensive list that’s updated daily.
Take advantage of diversifying companies
With us all sat at home, missing out on socialising and approaching the time of year where there are events aplenty, some companies are diversifying in order to continue putting on events that we can all attend. Here’s a couple of our top picks:

- Specialising in “immersive cinematic experiences”, Secret Cinema allows movie lovers to take an out-of-this-world journey into their favourite movies. Usually annually or bi-annually, they put on large-scale events where each ticket holder is provided a secret location, dress code and a unique character from the movie.

Capitalising on their cult-like following, they are now offering ‘Secret Sofa’ – following the same principle, from home. Each ticket holder will be told what to wear, any props that may be required and tips on how to transform your home into the world of the movie in question.

As if that wasn’t enough, they’re also offering a lockdown party with live DJ. Grab your friends and get grooving! 

- As there are restrictions in place with what we can do and where we can go, of course this means we cannot go and visit animals. The people over at Edinburgh Zoo, however, are bringing the animals to us! 

With a choice between penguins, lions, tigers, koalas or pandas, you and your family can tune in to watch a live stream of your favourite animals. This is a great idea if any children in your family have birthdays during this socially-restricted period.
Make your own event
Home workouts, “Unprecedented”, Zoom-based quizzes and banana cake. Four things that I think all of us have experienced over these weeks gone by. But why not take these ideas and make it your own? Rather than a video call quiz, create your own home-based concert!

Send an e-invite over to your family and friends, make it exciting with a festival-themed dress code, let everyone choose their favourite songs to play and let your imaginations run wild.
Fancy yourself as someone who can plan and manage events? Find out more information on becoming an Events Planner below.


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The Training Room | 21/05/2020 09:00:00

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