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Tips for Planning a Summer Wedding in 2018

tips-for-planning-a-summer-wedding-01.pngLong warm days, excitement and anticipation in the air: there’s nothing better than a summer wedding. With the Great British weather being less than predictable even in our sunnier months, wedding day success is down to the preparation that’s put in beforehand.

As summer’s just around the corner, whether you’re finalising the details for a warm-weather wedding, or planning the big day from scratch, here’s our guide to organising the big day!

Happily Ever After
Summer weddings don’t always mean outdoor weddings – many people opt for venues under roof for their wedding day. Creating a mood board will help pin point exactly what that happily ever after looks like so you can organise the perfect day!

Virtual pin boards like Pinterest provide endless amounts of inspiration to put you in the mood for wedding planning – from decorations, flower arrangements, venues and hair styles your mood board will be well on its way!
Wedding Admin
Summer is the season for long weekends away, school holidays and trips abroad. If you’re looking to hold a summer wedding, it’s important to get your save the dates out early – it gives your guests a chance to book time off work and prevent the dreaded double booking!

Start the Party Later
Overheated guests in the midday sun won’t set a positive mood for the special day. Creating a smart timeline and taking the weather into account will help everyone feel more comfortable and enjoy the day. Start proceedings in the mid-afternoon with dinner ready for sunset and plan the evening’s events around this. You’ll find your guests are more comfortable and are guaranteed to have a great time!

Dress to Impress
dress-to-impress-01.pngChoosing the right fabric for the big day is crucial for long lasting comfort. Light materials will mean your skin can breathe and you won’t over heat. Similarly, opting for hair styles where hair is off the face and neck will help you and your wedding party stay cool all day! If the bride can’t resist wearing a heavy gown for her big day, why not wear it for ceremony and change for the reception to dance the night way?

summer-bouquet-01.pngThink about head garlands and the bride’s bouquet too – in hot temperatures, flowers start to wilt and lose their lustre. Talk to the florist about blooms that stand up against hot temperatures and keep the bride’s bouquet in the fridge to keep it as it’s best. Store all other flowers in a little water to keep them going strong all day.

Wedding Favours
wedding-favours-01.pngPersonalising wedding favours so that guests can benefit from them on the day is a thoughtful touch. If the wedding your planning is set to be on a sunny day, why not include sunglasses and a pretty fan – these are good for a sunny day and take home after!


Sunburn and shiny skin can make the wedding pictures stand out for the wrong reasons! If you plan on having much of your wedding in the great outdoors, it’s worth paying special attention to the toiletries and goodies you stock in the toilets. Cans of deodorant, blotting paper, perfume, aftershave, chewing gum, sun cream and hair brushes all help your guests feel fresh, stay safe in the sun and keep them invigorated for a night of celebrations!
Weather Relief
weather-relief-01.pngIf it’s a scorching day, many of your guests will appreciate being able to escape the heat. Having a stash of sun-brellas at hand will provide your guests with some much-needed shade during the sunniest periods of the day.
The warmer weather can bring with it pesky bugs, particularly at dusk. Setting up citronella candles help keep unwanted pests at bay and look good too!

Don’t forget about the people who are hired to help on the day – as the wedding planner, it’s your responsibility to ensure your waiters are staying hydrated, taking regular breaks and staying out of direct sun. These tips help with any event you plan.

As with most summer days in the UK, we’re not always guaranteed the coveted sunshine – if the weather’s set to turn cooler or wet, be prepared! Have a handy supply of umbrellas and blankets to keep guests in comfort, no matter the weather!

nibbles-01.pngPreparing refreshments that match the weather will score major points with guests and the happy couple! If the weather is hot, avoid ingredients that can turn in the sun – steer clear of dairy, seafood and meats if you’re not able to store them in a way that prevents them from spoiling.

Opt for fresh appetisers like fruit skewers, frozen cocktails and an ice cream bar to help keep nearest and dearest feeling their best in the heat.

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