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The Key Skills That Make A Successful Events Planner

Could you be the next top Events Planner? These professionals have a particular set of critical skills required to make it in the world of event planning, and while some are natural, others are learned and developed over time.

If you think you were born to be an Events Planner, check out this list of essential must-have skills to see if you’ve got what it takes to rise to the top!

Attention To Detail

A well-executed event is a compilation of the many, many small details that you’ve thought over, planned and put together to create a polished experience for your clients.

Event Planners need to keep client timelines on schedule, budgets in check, and other details flowing smoothly. Whether it’s arranging travel, picking patterns for throws and pillows, or selecting the perfect napkin rings for a dinner party, giving each element the attention it deserves will help you be super successful in this career!

Passion For Planning

Perhaps one of the more apparent skills needed in event planning is having a real passion for creating an event from start to finish! The best Events Planners pour plenty of enthusiasm, pride and energy into their work; they want to ‘wow’ their clients time after time (and keep things interesting for themselves). If you’ve got a passion for planning, you’re starting on the right foot!

Stay Organised

You’ll always see Event Planners running around with never-ending checklists, to-do lists and itineraries; luckily, your natural ability (and passion) for organising will help you out here! You can even look at helpful event management tools on the market that may benefit your organisation. 

People Skills

Perhaps it goes without saying, but as an Events Planner, you’ll be talking to lots of people. Whether you are pitching ideas with your clients, networking with supplies, negotiating with venues to get a better deal or discussing menus with the catering company, there will be plenty of different people you’ll need to speak to, so being able to listen and communicate is essential.


Another natural skill (that you’ll get to hone with practice) is creativity. Being able to develop new and fun ideas for your clients will encourage them to stay loyal and use your services again and again. With your natural creative ability, you’ll get to infuse passion, imagination and originality into each of the events you create! Be prepared to brainstorm some cutting-edge ideas, delve into Pinterest and Instagram and keep a close eye on featured industry events that you can incorporate into your client’s needs (and budget).

Ability To Multi-Task

How are your juggling skills? Of course, we’re talking metaphorically!

As an Event Planner, you will have lots of things going on at once! You may be organising multiple events for many different clients, and they will all expect the same care and attention from you. If you’re lucky enough to have a team working with you, work on those delegation skills to make sure no minor details fall through the cracks.

Problem-Solving Skills

Sometimes, things will go wrong despite your best efforts, and mistakes will be made (it’s time for the duct tape and safety pins!)

Having the ability to stay calm, think on your feet and go with the flow will give you the skills needed to overcome the industry’s challenges.

Whether you’ve got a keynote speaker stuck in traffic and you need to kill some time, or you need a make last-minute change to the menu when a caterer falls, though, it’s your responsibility to make quick decisions when unforeseen challenges arise. At first, this may seem daunting, but once you’ve gained some experience as an Events Planner, you’ll become a pro in thinking outside the box to solve a problem quickly and efficiently (before anyone even notices!).  

Time Management

As an Events Planner, you’ll need to manage your time to meet deadlines, schedule deliveries and arrange set-up times, and of course, all of these need to be arranged on-time! Having a certain logic and order to your planning will help you keep your colleagues informed, attend appointments and ensure that important information and documents are organised and sent efficiently.

Client Dedication

It goes without saying but being dedicated to your client, and their vision is a must. You’ll need to answer any questions your clients can think up and reassure them when they feel a little anxious. Showing your clients that you are listening to them, shows them you care, and they will feel much more confident in trusting in your services.

These are just some of the critical skills that make a successful Events Planner, but it’s not all that’s needed. A genuine passion for the career and your clients, experience and determination are all critical to this challenging role.

If you feel you’ve got what it takes to become a successful Events Planner, speak to one of our friendly advisors today and find out how we can help you step into the career of your dreams!

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The Training Room | 11/03/2021 09:00:00

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