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5 Budget Friendly Winter Activities to do Outdoors

5-Budget-Friendly-Winter-Activities-to-do-Outdoors-01.jpgDecember is an expensive time of the year and the temptation to stay inside, sheltered from the cold weather (and the shops) can be strong, but it’s worth ditching the duvet and heading outside with your family and friends to see what winter delights you can discover!

If you want to get up off the sofa and get some fresh air, here are 5 budget-friendly winter activities to do outdoors!

5-Budget-Friendly-Winter-Activities-to-do-Outdoors-christmas-market-01.jpg1. Visit a Christmas market
Whether you just simply want to take in the atmosphere, get some hot chocolate and look around at all the beautiful stalls, or gather your friends and family to do some serious Christmas shopping, visiting a Christmas market can be a lovely way to spend an afternoon or evening.

The sights, smells and sounds are enough to make anyone get into the Christmas spirit and you can take some beautiful pictures once it’s dark and the lights come on. You can even have a go at ice-skating if there is a rink available, or just enjoy watching from the side-lines with a warm drink in your hands.

5-Budget-Friendly-Winter-Activities-to-do-Outdoors-winter-walk-01.jpg2. Go for a nature walk
Why not grab the wellies and head out to your favourite nature spot for a winter walk. It’s a great time to wrap up warm in cosy coats, hats, gloves and scarves (plus, you can take some cute family photos while you’re at it). Why not pack a bag of delicious festive snacks and a flask of hot tea, coffee or chocolate to enjoy along the way. Head off to a nature spot or historic attraction - it can look even more spectacular in the winter especially if you can capture it with morning dew or some rare winter sunshine!
Did you know that being outside in the fresh air is not only great for your body, but it’s also really good for your mental health and wellbeing too?! So, there’s even more reason to make the most of being outside.

5-Budget-Friendly-Winter-Activities-to-do-Outdoors-bonfire-01.jpg3. Go stargazing
Cold nights usually mean clear skies, so why not enjoy some time gazing up at the stars! You’ll need to wrap up warm and bring lots of blankets but if you can find a nature spot that’s away from light pollution, you can see an amazing view of the milky way in the winter night sky!

You could even make a special evening of it by making a camp fire, roasting marshmallows and telling stories (once you’ve finished looking at the sky of course). You can use the time to make some special memories with your closest family and friends. You never know, it may even become an annual tradition!

5-Budget-Friendly-Winter-Activities-to-do-Outdoors-geocache-01.jpg4. Go Geocache hunting
Yes, it’s cold, muddy and often wet but heading out on a geocache hunt can be great fun! (Plus, you probably won’t have much competition this time of year!)

Just in case you don’t know what that is, geocache hunting is where you head outdoors on a real-life treasure hunt! You’ll use the geocaching app on your phone to navigate around some very cleverly hidden containers (called geocaches). Then you get to see what’s hidden inside and sign the log book! There’s probably even one near you right now! Go on, give it a go! You may discover some really amazing places that you didn’t know existed! And if you really get into it, it’s available worldwide so the next time you’re abroad, you can discover some brand new places to go!

5-Budget-Friendly-Winter-Activities-to-do-Outdoors-photography-walk-01.jpg5. Go on a photography walk
Grab a camera (or just your phones) and walk around your town or park and take some beautiful photos of the landscape, attractions and any Christmassy decorations! They’ll make great pictures to hang up during the winter and you can even use them for this year’s (or next year’s) Christmas card!

Photography can be a really fun and creative way to spend time together and it makes you look for the beauty in the world around you. It’s also a great opportunity to jump in the car and visit some other local towns and parks nearby to see some new sights and enjoy the local landscape. You may even get your image shared on social media if you take a good one! Most towns have official social media pages these days so make sure you tag them!

If you love the hustle and bustle of a busy Christmas market, you might be wondering how such an event even came together. Perhaps as you walk around the town and shops, you’re inspired with the little details to decorate your home with those little creative touches that make it extra special. Sounds like you would make a fantastic events planner!

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