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What Does a Career in Cyber Security Have to Offer?


Looking to find a career with plenty of opportunities for financial growth, learning new sought-after skills and find yourself in a booming industry that’s expected to keep on expanding? Getting into Cyber Security allows you to apply your interest in IT into a promising career when securing the right training. So if you’re considering opting out of your current job and starting a completely new position more appealing to your own interests - why not contemplate switching to Cyber Security.
With 68% of business owners stating their need for further Cyber Security measures are increasing, now is prime time to retrain and increase your long-term career prospects. Growth is projected to rise in the Cyber Security industry by 37% between 2012-2022. With this in mind, the number of Cyber Security companies grew by 21% in 2020 alone and the total industry revenue for last year stood at nearly 9 billion pounds with a large majority of workers (65%) finding employment with large firms. 
Here at The Training Room, we care about helping those looking to make a dramatic change in their professional life for the better. With Cyber Security careers, there’s plenty of room to make your mark! From a survey of over 19,000 Cyber Security professionals, worldwide there’s a projected shortage of 1.8 million workers within the sector by 2022. Specifically within the UK, 48% of businesses are experiencing a skills gap in Cyber. This year, there are approximately 3.5 million vacant job posts needing to be filled. So if you’re looking to learn more about the benefits of the sector and find out just how progressive the industry is, here our some of the top perks of the job:
Limitless industry growth and opportunities 
Currently, the unemployment rate for Cyber Security professionals stands at a staggering 0%! That has been constant since 2011. If you train and start working in the industry, you’ll find that recruiters will most likely start looking for you as well. Within every IT department, there’s a definite need for Cyber Security knowledge and insights. 
Between 2020 and 2021, over 82.3% of UK business experienced a successful cyber attack. You’ll be able to experience unlimited chances to grow your knowledge as the industry constantly evolves, work with new technology and your value within your role will keep on increasing!
When training up in Cyber, there’s a lot of different avenues you can go down! For instance, the five highest in-demand career options in Cyber include: Security Architect, Security Analyst, Security Manager, Network Security Engineer, Chief Information Security Officer. There are other more advanced skill gaps that include Forensic Analysis, Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking. 
Impressive salaries within the sector 
One very enticing and notable aspect to working in Cyber is the high salaries! With the average salary increasing significantly between 2018 to present day by 16% to £72,500 there’s plenty of money to be made by industry professionals! London has been listed the 8th best city in the world to work in Cyber - and are the salaries definitely reflective of that!
Entry-level stands currently at £31,105 on average. If you’re looking to work your way to big money, the most profitable career in Cyber is currently working as a Security Architect - the average annual salary stands at £79,600
The salaries remain really high because of the increasing business demand, the current IT skills gap and the influx of new positions that companies are having trouble filling. It leaves plenty of space for career changers to take advantage of this huge gap in the job market and find exciting new opportunities to break into the IT and Tech sector. 
There’s never a boring day, plus awesome job satisfaction 
While working in Cyber, you’ll have plenty of online challenges and problem-solving to keep you on your toes! It’s estimated to be three times faster than other positions in IT. You’ll be fighting crime, working in a fun, fast paced environment...and did we mention before, a competitive salary too?
And with hackers constantly scheming new ways to steal data and creating scams - it’ll be your responsibility to keep up with the latest trends and solutions to resolve issues that are needed to fix problems, whether you’re working for a big company or smaller-scale business. So you won’t be stuck in a rut, instead, you’ll pick up loads of relevant new skills and be able to find ways to keep your businesses security strong and data well-preserved!
Career satisfaction is good looking as well! A 2020 survey found that 96% of Cyber Security professionals were happy in their position and another 87% were satisfied with their earnings. So if you’re good at solving puzzles, can keep your composure in working situations, Tech savvy, diligent and have a flair for creativity - Cyber might be an ideal match for you! 
Options for self-employment and flexible working hours 
Like other IT positions, Cyber Security is well-suited to remote work. There are numerous sites and positions you can find online that advertise positions that are solely work-from-home. 
With the demand for Cyber professionals at an all time high, you’ll find plenty of online opportunities that will allow you all the perks of working from home! 
But first of all, you might want to determine if working remotely is going to be suitable for you. Working from the office might be more suitable for professionals new to the job in order to get hands-on experience and have a phase-in period where companies can get to know you. Plus, if time management isn’t your forte then it’s probably best to find an office-based role. 
Find plenty of variation in duties and make a real difference!
From working with websites, AI and even cars - there’s tons of different roles and areas to specialise in! Also, like accountants and lawyers, you can essentially work in and support any sector. From banks, media organisations, universities - you name it! 
You can train up, pick what type of role and business you want to be a part of and join any kind of team you want - all the while knowing you’ll be a highly valuable employee too. 
While working in Cyber Security you’ll be doing really valuable, beneficial work that is critical to maintain the integrity of your chosen workplace and safeguarding data, privacies and infrastructures. You’ll make a positive impact and know you're doing good work that is much needed and give you a strong sense of purpose and importance overall. 
With 1 in 4 companies experiencing at least 1 security breach per week, your ability to implement solutions will be thoroughly appreciated. 
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