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Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Improve Your Coding Abilities


Whether you’re just getting started as a web or software developer, looking for helpful resources to boost your knowledge or dabbling in programming - it’s worthwhile to find social media accounts that strengthen your overall understanding. It’s fun to explore the perspective of developers worldwide through social media and discover handy solutions, tools and ways in which to optimise your code for its intended use! 
We want to showcase some really educational Instagram accounts that aren’t really focused on showing their desktop setups or sharing selfies so much. Our selection of Instagram accounts provide handy tutorials, step-by-step guides and problem-solving. 
So have some awesome to-go’s when scrolling through your Instagram feed to inspire and improve your coding know-how to stay connected to the latest developments, needs and skills needed to stay capable and familiar with how to tackle typical issues and keep on creating fantastic code! 
Here’s our top 10 picks: 
1 - @coding.beast
If you work in web development, Coding Beast has a wealth of informative posts on tips and tricks working with Javascript, React, improving your CSS skills and other useful thoughts and ideas for front-end development. There’s even posts about typical questions in web developer interviews and suggestions for first-time coders looking to level-up their abilities. His feed is really easy to navigate for finding particular topics. 
2 - @samanthaming
Samantha Ming is another front-end developer who shares a lot of great graphics and screenshots that cover key areas to learn within HTML, Javascript and CSS. Her page is very visually appealing too, so it makes looking through her insights and lessons thoroughly enjoyable. We recommend this page if you're looking for fun, digestible content to add to your feed! 
3 - @coder.journey
Full-stack Engineer, Jamal Errakibi’s Instagram page presents lessons in code quite uniquely. Through his illustrations and storytelling, Errakibi’s creative method of teaching keeps things interesting for his followers. Great for adding some variety to your coding content! His Instagram feed covers project ideas, SQL, Rest API and much more!  
4 - @theindiandev
Ayush Kulshrestha’s Instagram is another super informative source for coding solutions. From JavaScript solutions, navigation and problem-solving with React, working with data structures and top skills needed to being successful in backend development. If this is your area of interest, check out his Instagram for loads of helpful guides. 
5 - @alenvarazdinac
Web developer Alen Varazdinac prides himself on helping developers online level-up and provides his followers with useful destinations, advice and tips for succeeding as a developer. There’s tons of pointers and IT knowledge on his Instagram. You can find anything from learning about algorithms, data storage, CSS, app suggestions and beyond! 
6 - @womenwhocode
It’s true that women only makeup 40% of the Tech and IT workforce worldwide. There’s a bigger push than ever to reverse these concerning figures and encourage more women to learn key Tech skills like coding. Women Who Code is a US based non-profit that offers resources like  videos and webinars to women going into the Tech industry. Their page shows insight interviews with leading women in Tech, industry statistics and motivation for women on their journeys to become elicit coders.  
7 - @sikho_programming
Sikho Programming is packed full of tips for using Python, data structures, C++, HTML and a lot more. Subjects are grouped together in several posts and colour coded to find what you’re after very quickly as well which is beyond helpful! It’s a super well-organised and thoughtfully laid out feed that is bound to assist coders of all levels. 
8 - @logical_programming
The informative, colourful graphics on Logical Programming cover a lot of bases from data structures, algorithms, github and guides for understanding container options. It’s a great page for brushing up your understanding of developer fundamentals, casual browsing and incorporates cartoons, screenshots alongside helpful suggestions to enhance your coding experience.  
9 - @webdevofficial
Web Dev Official has a huge following on Instagram and offers daily advice and insight on key areas within front and backend development. It reveals the coding languages and databases used by big companies like Netflix and Twitch as well as guides to Linux, React and various CSS systems. If you want to combine your learning with industry facts - it’s an awesome go-to!
10 - @plavookac 
Jelena Jovanovic’s Instagram has a bit of a different aesthetic compared to the other accounts featured, but she provides loads of great book recommendations throughout her feed for some excellent reading! So if dog pics, coding books and motivational quotes are what you’re after, check out her page for help expanding your book collection.  
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