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5 Ways Coding Will Kick Start Your Career

Learning to code can be a real challenge, but with the tech industry constantly growing and changing, there is a huge demand for talented new programmers, so it’s well worth the effort to learn!

Even tech jobs that aren’t directly associated with coding will still benefit from a few basic code-based skills. Being able to change minor elements on a website, like image sizing and text emphasis for example, is a useful skill in a variety of jobs.

But if you’re dreaming of bigger things, like becoming a software developer, website developer or programmer, practising your coding skills as often as you can will help you to stay ahead of the curve. With the rapid advancement in mobile, web and software development, there’s never been a better time to enter the world of technology and start a rewarding career you’ll love.

But how do you get started? Try setting up your own website or app to practice your coding skills on, after all, the more experience you gain, the better you’ll be! Want to give it a try? Here are 5 tips to help you code better.

Even though there is high demand for strong coders in many elements of IT and tech support, having the skills and certifications isn’t enough to land you a job here. More people each year are re-training to become part of this rapidly growing career sector, so you’ll need to work at standing out from other coders.
Kick start your career in coding with these 5 tips:
5-Ways-Coding-Will-Kick-Start-Your-Career-get-a-job-01.png1. Get a job (or a better job)
Let’s face it, you’re learning to code for a reason and that reason is (probably) that you want a career in IT. Learning and becoming confident in some popular coding languages, like HTML5 and CSS3, will put you in the running for every job position. Stand out by developing your skills further in areas like JavaScript.

If you already have a job that you are happy in, learning to code can help you climb the career ladder and earn that all important promotion. Not only will it increase your skillset, it will also show your employers that you are serious about your career and working for them.
5-Ways-Coding-Will-Kick-Start-Your-Career-future-proof-your-career-01.png2. Make your life easier 
Knowing a little code can help you automate some of the boring stuff at work, which frees up some time for you to do more of the stuff you enjoy and does more for the company, like driving profit and increasing revenue! Not only will you have a better time at work, but you’ll also be more productive and get more done, which will make your boss happy too!

5-Ways-Coding-Will-Kick-Start-Your-Career-make-your-life-easy-01-01-01.png3. Future-proof your career
As the world becomes more technologically advanced, coding is going to be a necessary skill for more and more jobs in the future. By learning now you’re getting ahead of the curve and getting some experience under your belt before everyone jumps on the band-wagon! Meaning, when the time comes, you’ll be the obvious choice to your future employers. It’s predicted that the demand for coders will far exceed the supply for a good few years to come, with the projected growth rate being 30% between 2016 – 2026. That’s twice as fast as most other jobs out there!

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4. You can specialize in the area you’re most passionate about
There are many different needs for coders and you’ll be able to build your IT career around your natural technical abilities and what you’re most passionate about. Whether you’d prefer to be a network specialist, web developer, infrastructure technician, software developer, security technologist or fancy a career in digital marketing, you’ll be able to tailor your certifications and skillset towards a career that you will really enjoy!

You can even combine multiple disciplines to really stand out! Find out more about marketing and web development here.

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IT-laptop-on-desk-plus-logo-01.png5. Develop the skills to start your own business
Once you’ve developed enough experience and secured certifications, you may decide to branch out and become your own boss. Maybe you’ve got a great idea that will become the next trending app or program. There are plenty of millionaires out there that started off with a simple app and have made a lot of money selling it on!

Depending on your coding experience, certifications and areas of interest, you could:
  • Develop and sell software
  • Develop and sell mobile apps
  • Become a freelance coder to outsource your skills for multiple companies
  • Become a freelance website designer
If you learn to code, not only will you be able to see your business ideas come to life, you’ll be able to be help it form and take shape and be really involved in its creation!

Sounds exciting, right?! If you’re ready to take the next step towards your dream career in IT, speak to one of our friendly course advisers now who can help you get started!

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