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Which Career Path In IT and Tech Would Suit Me The Most?


If you want to translate your love for IT and Tech into a future career, it can take some time to mind map your ideas and think about which specific field to enter. You might be more creative than a problem-solver, or perhaps you're not the best when it comes to communications, but you know how to write clear, precise code and implement it well.

Finding your career niche in the industry can be a little challenging at first but taking the time to explore your options and discover your ultimate job in digital is what ultimately makes it worthwhile! The great part about joining the IT and Tech workforce is that the demand for professionals is currently at 42% than pre-pandemic levels. Since the start of the pandemic, an extra 100,000 new tech job openings have become available within the UK alone! On LinkedIn, vacancies for software developers rank #1 for the most posted vacancy on the website. 
With plenty of opportunities available and hiring managers keen to employ qualified workers amidst the digital skills gap currently in the UK - there’s so many different avenues and opportunities to pick a career in IT and Tech. Here’s a list of some of the top qualities and character traits needed to succeed within some of the UK most wanted IT and Tech roles: 
What makes an awesome Web Developer
If you’re naturally drawn to positions where creativity is celebrated and encouraged, problem-solving is paramount and learning skills is a priority - a career in web development could very well be a suitable career for you! Web developers are renowned for their artistic abilities and vision when it comes to front-end development and thrive on being able to be creative and have the means to use their self-expression in the workplace. 
It’s also important for web developers to be able to work independently at times to train up in new skills within the field, for building up their programming knowledge but teamwork is definitely a big part of the job too! You might be working in a team with several developers where collaboration is a part of the process or you could be a part of a larger creative team working with content specialists, marketing strategists etc. Web developers also tend to be conventional, meaning that they thrive within a structured working environment
Characteristics that come in handy as a Software Developer 
Some top traits software developers typically have include but aren’t limited to: having a meticulous eye for detail, great time management and organisational skills, being capable with maths and a bit of a perfectionist too! Another attribute for a successful software developer is to be highly inquisitive, not only knowing how their code functions but understanding other aspects like libraries and runtimes underneath it all operate too. Software developers are very persistent too, whether it's having to work out coding solutions, using debugging tools or working hard to fix all internal errors - a good software developer will be ready to go to fix all webpage problems! 
One quality that is a big help for any software developer is having a good memory. Remembering past errors and recalling how to fix issues will come in handy and they may very well reoccur in the future or inspire ideas for new solutions. Self-confidence is a fundamental character trait you’ll need as the only way you’ll be able to succeed, and grow is by having confidence in your code and designs. 
Key Cyber Security Technologist personality traits 
When it comes to the ideal qualities of a Cyber Security Technologist, being logical, organised, analytical and using your own initiative are key to getting off to a good start! When working in cyber security, you should genuinely care about the welfare and protection of those vulnerable to cyber-attacks and hackers. In this regard, you should value safeguarding others - this is the heart of the overall profession! Composure is needed in high-risk situations handling cyber threats, feeling under pressure can lead to being counterproductive as you need to be as focused and level-headed as possible dealing with urgent online threats. Knowing how to think of what cyber criminals may be scheming and taking their potential thought-process into consideration is highly useful as well for strategizing and putting the necessary measures and mitigations into place. 
Having a perceptive eye and a healthy dose of scepticism can also go a long way. Being intuitive and a quick thinker will lead to preventing potential vulnerabilities and ultimately steer off pesky cyber criminals. It’s also beneficial to remain a little suspicious and watchful, perhaps the ‘trust no one’ motto might sound extreme - but for this occupation, it rings true! 
Soft skills for working as a Network Specialist
As a network specialist, having great analytical skills and knowing how to implement solutions is key when trying to trouble-shoot, diagnose and action repairs. It will be your responsibility to maintain your company's network infrastructures within the IT department and ensure the security and stability of server connectivity as well as testing network protocols. With that being said, a network specialist has to be detail-orientated, understand how to evaluate technical issues with connectivity and excellent communication skills
Other duties include an overview of the cooling system, installed software and maintain a thorough understanding of the capabilities of the system server. A network specialist should know how to prioritise their work, maintain up-to-date industry knowledge, multitask and implement their communication skills by updating fellow staff members on the latest issues or upgrades
Infrastructure Technician: 
Overall, infrastructure technicians (otherwise known as network technicians) play a crucial part in maintaining all the technology used within your company of employment. From overseeing IT infrastructure including all the company computers, network equipment and servers. Good soft skills that translate well within this particular career include solid social skills, being comfortable and capable of providing technical support, troubleshooting and knowing how to provide brilliant customer service! 
Troubleshooting plays an integral part of the job as you’d need to implement your problem-solving abilities on differing programs and operating systems - knowing how to use different coding languages will help you greatly with this! Other useful traits that are effective as an infrastructure technician workflow management, organisational skills and time management for prioritizing daily tasks. 
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