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Training to Become a Web Developer

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Are you feeling that it’s time for a change in your career, but not sure who to talk to or where to start? The prospect of working in new roles or industries can be daunting, and the fear of the unknown is often enough to hold people back from seeking change.

The Training Room are here to guide you in taking the plunge and progressing in your career, whether that’s a complete change or a specialist progression within your current field.

What Does It Take to Be a Web Developer?

If you want to become a Web Developer it’s key to know what’s involved in the role, the skills required to be a success and the latest trends in the market.

What does a Web Developer do?

The role of Web Developer involves creating and developing websites to support the aims and aspirations of organisations and their brands.

To do this, a mix of technical and organisational skill is needed to ensure that your company’s (or your clients’) needs are met when developing their websites or apps.

A Web Developer can include everything from initial meetings to understand the aims and requirements for a project before writing and coding of the website itself. Then comes the fixing of any technical bugs and making further updates to the site to improve performance over time.

In more simple terms, a Web Developer does everything needed to create and improve their company’s or client's websites.

Being the go-to person for everything website related means the successful Web Developer will have good inter-personal skills to clarify and understand what work is needed for any web project.

In terms of project delivery, the technical skills required include software programming as well as being adept at working with graphics. As more companies look to portray their brands in new and interesting ways, the best Web Developers will also spend the time to keep up-to-date with the latest technological changes that can be applied to websites.

Sound like your bag? Then you could be a great Web Developer!

Now that you’ve established that Web Development could be an interesting role for you, it’s important to know what to expect in the job, from working hours to salary levels and prospects.

To help you in your research, there are a range of sources online from National Careers Service to Plotr to see typical job requirements, as well job listing sites including Monster to check the latest opportunities available in your desired location. In terms of working hours and salaries, the typical ranges are currently £20k-£50k per year on a 37-40 hour week.

Getting the Skills to Become a Web Developer

There are a number of ways to get the skills to become a Web Developer. Many people looking at this career move are interested to learn HTML5 or Javascript coding (learning from scratch or improving existing skills). But the question remains, where to start?

For some, getting an entry level position in a business with training provided may provide the answers, but without the right contacts it might be hard to find the opportunity to do so. Getting the skills and knowledge to reach an ‘industry ready’ standard is not always an easy thing to fit in around your current schedule and commitments.

Still Want to Become a Web Developer?

This is where The Training Room comes in to save the day! At The Training Room we provide a number of IT related courses, including our Web Development courses that you can take online at a time and schedule that suits you. Not only will you have access to our learning tools, but you will also benefit from the advice of our expert tutors, who are on hand to guide you and answer any questions you may have whilst taking the course.

To learn more about how to become a Web Developer, call our team of friendly advisors or send us your details on our Web Development courses page and we’ll be in touch with more information.

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