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Why You Should Get a Career in Web Development

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They may be international superstars, but catwalk favourite Karlie Kloss and pop star Will.I.Am realise that to keep relevant in this technological world, they're going to have to learn a new skill – coding. Positions in web development are plentiful so you don’t need to worry about high competition in a job interview. Research has shown that the demand for developers outweighs the amount of candidates available, putting those training in a fantastic position. Aside from the average pay packet of £70,000 (do we have your attention now?), here are just a few of the other reasons you should sign up to a web development course right now.


Let’s not pretend it's not a main incentive and get down to the number crunching. As demand eclipses potential employees, companies are upping their salary packages to ensure they snag the very best talent out there. The result? 57 percent of web developers in London are paid in excess of £50,000.


The online community is huge and if you join the right clubs and forums for like-minded developers, it can introduce you to new possibilities and opportunities, as well as making new friends.


If you're uncertain of where your career could go, bear in mind that the mobile sector is booming and it can only get bigger. Although you can start out as a web developer, this can easily lead to app design, video editing, e-zine development and beyond.

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Let's face it, office life isn't for everyone and with more employment freedom available than ever before (thank you iCloud), you don't have to succumb to water cooler gossip and kitchen rotas. Sure, you may be called in for the odd meeting but the majority of web development work just calls for one thing – a computer. This means you can pick and choose between working freelance projects or within an organisation.


Although web development has previously had a "geek" stigma, it's now one of the coolest professions you can be in. Long gone are the days of corporate environments where the coder sits in a back office. Now every sector, from magazines and e-zines to film studios and travel companies, is crying out for web developers to maximise their business potential and provide the public with the most interesting content out there.


No, we don't mean you'll be stuck in a classroom for the rest of your days, but you will constantly be learning on the job. As new programmes, software and trends continue to develop at a rapid speed, part of your job will be to keep up, re-train and adapt your skills. How many other professions can claim that?


With web technology evolving year on year, it's an exciting time to be contributing. Whether it's HTML, JavaScript or CSS, a career in web development lets you excel at what you're passionate about and ultimately become a leader in your field.

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