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Why Consider an Online IT Course

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What IT courses can be taken online?

Pretty much any course, particularly with computing, that can be completed in-class and in-person can be taken online. Common IT courses you may find include: Cyber Security, Networking, Infrastructure, Web Development, Software Development, Desktop Support and many more.

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How does it work?
One of the great things about choosing to study online is that once your purchase is confirmed, you will likely have instant access to begin learning. You’ll usually be provided a code to allow access to the online learning portal.

Dependent on the training provider and/or awarding body, there may be a learning schedule put in place which will only allow you access to specific modules and certain material during each period or phase. These pockets of time for learning and submitting work usually allow for a tutor to read and mark work and provide grading with each progressing module.
Will I receive help?
Again, the level of assistance provided will be dependent on which training provider you decided to learn with. You could get your work graded automatically (a rarity – mainly for multiple choice exams) or by a tutor – the latter being the most beneficial as, in most cases, you will have tutor support throughout your course.

As with anything, you will get what you pay for. There will be cheap courses out there which provide all the required material and the platform to succeed, but they’ll lack technical, industry-led insight from an experienced tutor from within the field.

Some training providers also offer students career support! This means they’ll provide a dedicated career support person to aid you in finding work during or post-qualification.
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Upsides and downsides
As online-based learning progresses and becomes more readily available, many people will still prefer to learn in a classroom environment. Having a physical presence can act as a motivator for people. However, each person has a different preference to learning and will know the best method to maximise their own potential. Here are some of the upsides and downsides of online learning:
  • Not only do online-based courses tend to be cheaper than face-to-face, you’ll also save money as there will be no need to travel to a certain location.
  • No need to halt your current earnings; you can work around the course and complete your learning on weekends and evenings.
  • Learn at your own pace. Most courses won’t force you into a tight schedule and will give you a set period – sometimes up to a year – within which you’ll have the freedom to complete the course when it suits you.
  • May absorb more information. Having regular one-on-ones with a tutor may lead to you taking in more than you would in a classroom filled with other students. 
  • You can learn wherever you want. Study from bed? Check. Study on-the-go? You betcha. Study from a sunny, blissful beach 1,000 miles away? Why not?! With online learning, you can study whenever you want, wherever you may be in a world*.
*providing you have a suitable device with internet connection 😉
  • Requires a reasonable level of self-discipline.
  • Peer-to-peer learning may prove valuable. Similarly, to online learning, some students may find classroom-based learning more beneficial as they can trade and discuss ideas with other students.
  • An IT course requires learning and practising technical work – without a teacher present in the room, it may hard to grasp for some students. 

Are the qualifications legitimate?
Yes! Online courses will offer the same level of certification as a physical class-based course would. To reiterate, when making any significant investment and life choice, remember to read thoroughly what you are being offered and investigate the certifications awarded to ensure its legitimacy.
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