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IT Courses Online From The Training Room

In a 2020 report, it was announced that 6 IT-based industries are in the top 10 ‘Fastest Growing Industries in the UK by Revenue Growth (%) in 2020’. This includes industries like immersive technology, App Development and Language Learning Software. According to a report in 2018, it was also noted that demand for jobs in the IT industry was growing fast, especially among Cyber Security companies.

As a result of this growing demand for jobs in the IT industry training courses have become quite popular, whether it be full-time, part-time or e-learning.

Through our years of experience in helping people make a real change in their lives, we recognise that sometimes people don’t have the time to commit to full-time or part-time courses.

If this sounds like your current situation then we might just have the solution to your problem!

Here at The Training Room, we offer a variety of IT e-learning courses which enable you to study at a pace that suits you so that you don’t have to miss out on your commitments such as family life.

Backed by CIW and CompTIA, our range of e-learning IT courses are designed to have you qualified and ‘industry-ready’ for your new career in the IT industry.

In this blog, we look at the range of e-learning, IT courses offered at The Training Room. From Web Development to Infrastructure Technician, we’ve got a course to help you turn your passion for IT into a career you love.

Designed With You In Mind

Our approach to flexible learning means that we understand the kind of support people need. This is why we have developed our online learning to include the following benefits for our students:

  • Flexible learning - Through access to our state of the art e-learning platform you can study at a pace that suits you

  • ​Convenience - As all of your learning takes place online you can study from the comfort of your home

  • Support - As an e-learning student with The Training Room you will be provided with a dedicated tutor who is a specialist in your area to help and support you with your learning

  • No deadline pressure - With our online IT courses, you can take control of your start and finish date meaning that there’s no need to feel that dreaded ‘deadline pressure.’

Additionally, with our IT e-learning courses, you will also be supported through career support for three years along with a guaranteed interview with one of our corporate partners from the moment you register.

Infrastructure Technician Course

Are you a problem solver with a keen interest in computers? If so, then a career as an Infrastructure Technician might be your calling!

At the Training Room, we offer our Infrastructure Technician course, which is a globally recognised qualification accredited by CompTIA. Our flexible e-learning course will provide you with all the knowledge you need on becoming an Infrastructure Technician, from working with operating systems to setting up a computer. The modules covered in this course include:

  • CompTIA IT Fundamentals - This module focuses on understanding computer components, setting up and maintaining computers to network fundamentals.

  • CompTIA A+ - This specific module goes more in-depth into understanding working with other operating systems, safety and operational considerations and security threats.

  • CompTIA Network+ - Serving as an introduction to networks, this module will give you a better scope of network topologies, wiring standards and connectors, IP addresses and subnetting.

  • CompTIA Security+ - Validate your baseline skills to perform core security functions by monitoring and diagnosing networks, understanding malware, vulnerabilities and threats to networks.

Add one of the following courses to specialise your knowledge:

  • CompTIA Linux+ - Validates the competencies required of an early career system administrator supporting Linux systems.

  • CompTIA Cloud+ - An introduction to cloud computing, CompTIA Cloud+ validates the skills you need to maintain and optimise cloud infrastructure services.

  • CompTIA Server+ - Certified candidates can work in any environment because it is the only industry certification that covers the latest server technologies including virtualisation, security and network-attached storage.

Web Development Course

Coding your way to becoming a Junior Web Developer has never been easier with our Web Development course. Our course will have you qualified and ‘industry-ready’ for your next step as a Web Developer.

Our qualification in web design and development includes modules in:

  • CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist - Develop your manual coding skills, cross-browser user-input forms and CSS fundamentals - perfect for beginners to HTML5 and CSS3.

  • CIW Foundations Associate - Understand how to utilise browser plug-ins, essential networking technologies and troubleshooting.

  • CIW JavaScript Specialist - Learning to use Javascript for the creation of forms while getting a better understanding of Javascript security issues

  • React (with Redux) - Develop superfast user interfaces and single-page web applications using React, a popular JavaScript library created by Facebook.

  • User Interface Design (UID) - Great websites cannot be built without a great User Interface. This module introduces UI/UX principles in planning and producing such interfaces.

  • PHP & MySQL - Learn Back End programming using open source PHP & MySQL to create cross-platform web applications.

Cyber Security Technologist Course

For those keen to learn about online security, we offer our Cyber Security Technologist course, which is also accredited by the industry recognised and respected CompTIA.

Our Cyber Security Technologist course is designed to provide you with a greater understanding of analysing risks, uncovering breaches and developing solutions for the security of information. The course covers the following modules:

  • CompTIA ITF+ (IT Fundamentals)- Develop the skills commonly performed by advanced end-users, including using security and web browsing best practices and understanding the functions of common operating systems and networks.

  • CompTIA A+ - Understanding operational considerations and security threats to working with other operating systems.

  • CompTIA Network+ - Developing a better scope on network topologies, wiring standards and connectors

  • ​CompTIA Security+ - Growing your understanding and practice of monitoring and diagnosing networkings to protecting wireless networks from viruses and security risks

Add one of the following courses to specialise your knowledge:

  • CompTIA CySA+ (Cyber Security Analyst) -Validate your skills and furthers your understanding of vulnerability management, threat management, security 

  • CompTIA PenTest+ (Penetration testing) - Learn the skills of penetration testing. Performance-based labs simulate real-world, hardware, software & command line interface environments and can be mapped to any text book, course & training.

Software Developer Course

If you have a basic knowledge of computer skills which is combined with a keep interest in coding, then our Software Developer course is just for you!

Here at The Training Room, we offer our Software Developer course which is designed to equip you with all the knowledge you need to become a successful Software Developer. The modules in this course include:

  • Microsoft Software Development Fundamentals (MTA) - Developing knowledge in core programming, general software development and understanding databases

  • CIW: Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist - Gaining hands-on experience in HTML5 and CSS3

  • Microsoft Python v3.6 or later - Gain hands-on expertise in the PCAP-31-02 and 98-381 certification exams with the Basics of Python Programming for 98-381 and PCAP-31-02 course and performance-based labs.

  • Beginning C# 7 Programming - Gain knowledge of C# programming, including the concepts such as desktop, cloud, and cross-platform programming, making use of data sources. 

  • Oracle OCA Java SE 8 Programmer -Develop your knowledge in Oracle Java SE 8 Programmer I exam certification exam by Oracle Java SE 8 Programmer I course. Oracle Java SE 8 Programmer I exam is designed to certify the

  • OCPJava SE 8 Programmer II - Gain knowledge in object-oriented programming, understand functional programming, database work, and much more.

Network Specialist Course

Career-specific training is key to becoming a stand out candidate. Employers will expect to see your knowledge and expertise with routers and switches, LANs, WANs and other networking systems. In our course, you would cover all these topics, helping you become a successful Network specialist. Our course cover topic in:

  • Microsoft Networking Fundamentals MTA - You’ll build an understanding of network infrastructures, network hardware and protocols & services.

  • CompTIA Network+ - Introduction to networks, networking topologies, connectors and wiring standards, IP addressing and IP subnetting, wide area networks.

  • Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA) -. Learn about network access, IP connectivity, IP services, security fundamentals, and automation and programmability.

  • Linux+ - validates the competencies required of an early career system administrator supporting Linux systems. 

Ready to start your journey as an IT professional?

If you are ready to start your journey as an IT professional, then check out our IT online courses here. Likewise, you can also check out our website for further information on The Training Room. Or, why not give one of our friendly advisors a call or fill out an enquiry form on our website to request more information.

Your next career in the IT industry is just one step away, start your journey with The Training Room!

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