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How IT Is and Can Be Utilised in Primary School

IT in Schools

How IT Is and Can Be Utilised in Primary School
Years ago, even as recently as mid-late 2000s, students almost exclusively worked with paper and pen with the only technological interaction being PowerPoints, movies and, of course, ICT lessons!

Fast forward to the third decade of the century and technology forms a much more integral part of a student’s learning. It’s no longer a choice – technology is all around us and there’s no escaping the growth and increased use in daily societal life. So, this needs to be reflected in a child’s education and preparation for the world, right?

Well, whilst schools clearly think so too, there is some room for improvement! Some students (age and school dependent, and more so secondary school) at primary school level now use interactive whiteboards on a daily basis. However, maybe there should be a wider focus on technology…
How is IT currently utilised?
Of course, ICT is a staple subject that pupils study pretty much throughout the entire compulsory school journey. In terms of IT in a primary school setting though, technology perhaps isn’t utilised as much as it should be.

First, let’s take a look at how technology is currently utilised in a primary school setting and what devices in particular school students are using:
  • ICT lessons: Although there’s more of an intense focus in secondary school, ICT is still part of the national curriculum in primary school and allows students to regularly learn about and use computers.
  • Interactive whiteboards: A regular in classrooms in many, many schools across the country, interactive whiteboards are a really great tool to get children introduced to more technology (we’re sure they’ve had some introduction at home, too) as well as adding a new dimension to their learning. 
  • Using internet for projects and research: Topics taught and types of projects set in primary school probably doesn’t differ too much year-on-year, however the use of internet and content platforms such as YouTube is ever-increasing and provides a great source for research. 
  • Learning can be taken home through apps and educational websites: Many schools, if not the majority, take a big chunk of their homework online and task pupils with completing some work via an educational app or website. Commonly, the teachers can also track progress. 

Whilst it’s clear that technology is far better utilised within primary schools now than the previous decade, we’re going to take a look at what could perhaps be done to improve the technological knowledge and skill level of young children – seeing as they are the next generation to move technology forward!
What more can be done?
Now, whilst there is a national curriculum that schools need to be adhered to, each school – and even each teacher – will undoubtedly have different ideas with lesson planning and their own goals for their students and lessons.

Due to this, some of our ideas may already be in some teacher’s lesson library, but nevertheless here are some of our ideas that can better utilise technology:
  • How to safely surf the web
  • Best practice when using the internet for research purposes
  • ECDL (software fundamentals) for year groups 4-6
  • What core components make up different devices (computer, mobile, console etc.)
Think you have some original ideas on how to better use technology in primary schools? Let us know on our social media channels! Be sure to keep an eye out on our blog posts as we explore how technology is taught and utilised in teaching at secondary school level.

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The Training Room | 01/06/2020 09:00:00

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