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4 Upcoming Innovative Technologies 

Four Upcoming Innovative Technologies
There are many innovations out there in the world as we know today, with many technologies emerging from thin air, in this blog we will be going over some of the most current trending innovations and go a little more in-depth about this topic.   

Internet of Things (IoT): 

Some of you may be struggling with the term “Internet of Things”, and you would not be wrong in doing so. This term is used to describe things that are being built which enable WIFI connectivity, meaning they can be connected to the internet and to each other. Examples of this would be the latest cars, home appliances (e.g Nest cameras, doorbells or locks), and many more; we’re only at the beginning stages of this phenomenon as back in 2017 IoT devices were only 8.4 Billion and have more than tripled to around 30 Billion devices by 2020.   

Current consumers in this day and age are mainly benefiting from IoT; we can lock our doors, change the lighting and ambience of the room, switch our ovens on/off and even connect to cameras set up around our house to keep an eye on those pesky pets. Not only can we the consumer benefit from this but many businesses also have much to gain, now and in the near future, as IoT can enable better safety, efficiency and decision making of a business as data can be collected and analysed and then used in the appropriate manner. Using such technologies could help speed up medical care, improve customer service and much more.  

IoT can also be used to improve new towns and cities through optimised technology such as: 

  • Traffic Systems 

  • Improved waste management  

  • Efficient energy usage  

5G Data Network: 

If any of you know anything about tech, you will have heard the latest and most expansive technology on the market right now is the introduction of 5G towers to many locations around the UK. Whether we want them or need them, they’re here now as many of the towers within the UK have now been installed. Due to the controversy caused by the masses who are almost certain they are harmful and disruptive; it has arisen a significant social divide on the topic. The 5th generations internet connectivity is the fastest it’s ever been and has been available since 2019 in major cities but for a much more expensive price, now in this current time and period it has become a worldwide phenomenon meaning more people can enjoy the benefits such as:  

  • Greatly increased speeds.  

  • Super-fast data networks giving us the ability to stream movies and music at a higher quality when on the move. 

  • Increased bandwidth which will enable machines, robots and autonomous vehicles to collect and transfer more data than ever. 

This will lead to more technological advances in the area of Internet of Thing (IoT) and smart machinery. 


This topic may not seem like it should be part of the list, but I assure you that cybersecurity is a growing market even though it has been around for some time. The main reason behind this is that technology/innovation is continuously growing and moving in an upward direction and where there is technology lies secret protected/delicate information which if accessed by the wrong source can be devastating for individuals and business’ alike. Unfortunately, where there is security there will always be someone trying to break past it also known as “Hackers”, and eventually these hackers will break through a company’s defences, meaning back to the drawing boards to update the security.  

There is a strong need for cybersecurity professionals, and the number of job roles for this sector is growing three times faster than any other tech position. The market is struggling with people to fill those positions which is predicted to be around 3.5 million unfilled positions for this role by 2021. Many cybersecurity jobs pay six-figure incomes, and roles can range from the ethical hacker to security engineer to Chief Security Officer, offering a promising career path for someone who wants to get into and stick with this domain. 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality 

One way that technology will be shifting in the future is towards virtual reality and augmented reality. This is currently being seen a lot in the gaming industry, with most people already hearing of one company called Oculus Rift. They created one of the very first VR headsets that you could buy to play games. Oculus has also been bought out by Facebook who are expanding the uses of the headset to be a device that can be used socially, not just for gaming.  

As for how a VR world works, you are taken into a 3D space and allowed to move around a digital world. In more recent times, some games that have come out have had some outstanding graphics, allowing paying to really become immersed in the game, games like Half Life Alyx. 

Being able to go virtual will be a massive step forward in technology, this may also be an advantage for industries who are going to want to grow to be able to deal with world pandemics better in the future.  

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The Training Room | 04/06/2020 09:00:00

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