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What The Tech Industry Can Offer Women

What The Tech Industry Can Offer Women

Thinking about a career in Tech but don’t know whether it’s attainable or right for you? With women still being so under-represented in the Digital space, there’s a lot of room for gender diversity, female input and rearranging the narrative around working in Tech and IT.

We want to shine a positive spotlight on some of the excellent aspects of working in the sector can bring to your professional development but also enhancing your overall growth and abilities.

Here are a couple of key benefits that switching to a job in Digital could offer you…

New opportunities are wide-ranging

Going into Tech offers a wide breath of opportunity and versatility in terms of the field you’re looking to specialise in. From working in app design and development, cyber security, creating video games or even delving into the expanding Greentech sector that offers roles in genetics, robotics and artificial intelligence. There are many different avenues to explore depending on where your interests lie as all as fantastic prospects to gain insights and knowledge in the growing Digital landscape.

Tech offers not only the chance to boost your career but also your creativity, long-term employability, abilities to problem-solve and sharpen your IT skills. With an abundance of different positions and a boom in the industry, Tech allows you to enter a workforce that hasn’t even peaked yet in terms of opportunities. In fact, Tech opportunities are growing so rapidly that the World Economic Forum have stated that 33% of jobs that will be available in 2023 aren’t even in existence yet.

Digital offers competitive salaries compared to the national average

Another major fact that stands out about Digital and IT would be generous salary packages in comparison to other sectors. Here in the UK, Tech workers’ average salary jumped up 13% in 2019 – totalling £74,000 per year, receiving more competitive raises of pay than anywhere else worldwide. A drastic comparison to the average British wage standing at £29,600 annually. The typical salary for an entry-level Cloud Engineer position rounds to £41,033 then progresses to as high as £70,000. For a Cyber Security Expert the pay starts between £25,000 - £35,000 whilst newly qualified then progresses to as much as £84,000!

Why does Tech provide such progressive salaries? Because where there are skill shortages in the industry, the pay is competitive to secure those with key, sought-after skills shortages.

You don’t need a degree to get started

A common misconception is that you need a degree to land your dream job in Digital. This simply isn’t the case in a lot of instances, job seekers would be surprised to know not having a degree isn’t a dealbreaker. Employers recognise this and are seeking passionate individuals who would respond well to tailored training as well as appreciating transferable knowledge and a varied background.

A big advantage of working in Tech is the low cost of education as companies are keen to provide staff with up-to-date qualification opportunities to enhance performance – and keep you advancing in your career. This saves you plenty of money long-term as well as being directly supported by your company to better yourself professionally.

Being at the centre of ground-breaking work

Working in Tech and IT gives you a chance to be a part of rewarding, interactive projects as well as putting you at the cutting edge of innovation! You’ll be a part of creating online solutions, the latest innovations and beyond. Whether it be developing new smart home products, working on the next popular social media app or becoming proficient in HTML to support the front and back-end development for an emerging website, you’ll be directly a part of important technological growth and change in the world.

Working in such a stimulating environment reflects brilliantly on your career in the long-term, being adept in a fasting-changing field and evolving alongside all the changes, updates and developments Tech will continue to bring.

Are you a woman looking to get into Tech?

Here at The Training Room, we’re proud to provide you with a unique foundation to break into Digital with our new Microsoft Bootcamp courses. These programmes will be able to harness your abilities to pick up new skills and apply that to a specific route within the Tech industry. Our Microsoft courses cover the most wanted skills throughout Tech and IT by employers right now.  You don’t need a degree, just a willingness to embrace new ideas. We have the following programmes available:
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Engineer Programme
  • Microsoft Data Engineer Programme
  • Microsoft DevOps Programme
  • Microsoft Power Platform (Business Intelligence Programme)
These courses are for women looking to start a career in Tech and IT that’s both accessible, detailed and ultimately really valuable for building up core skills needed to succeed in within such a dynamic industry. Our tutors will provide you with a top-notch e-learning experience and empower your confidence throughout your education with us. For the first 30 women that sign up to any of our Microsoft courses, we will provide them completely free of charge! How amazing is that?! We want to help build up a new generation of female Tech leaders and accelerate you on your way to gaining a valuable qualification in Tech.

Once completing your chosen Microsoft Programme, we will set you up with a guaranteed job interview! This gives you the opportunity to ace your interview using your new-found Tech knowledge and break into the industry. Employers are seeking out candidates with varied backgrounds, enthusiasm and prior experience in Digital is non-essential.  Having a tailored Microsoft qualification under your belt and being open to learn about qualities that Tech employers are actively seeking. Get educated and directly connect with industry professionals today!

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