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Microsoft Bootcamps: Learn More About Our Brand New Courses


The Training Room is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of a wide variety of Microsoft Bootcamp courses that contain some of the most sought after, highly prized skill sets throughout the world of Tech and IT. All Microsoft Bootcamp courses will be running for 8-12 weeks, ready and open to all via The Training Room website on Monday 12th of July.

All our new Microsoft Tech courses are expertly devised to give students a wide spectrum of knowledge of the key fundamentals needed going forward as well as hands-on, contemporary industry guidance from our amazing tutors.

Gaining a specialized Microsoft certification is a substantial boost to stand out from the crowd to show employers, head-hunters, and other business professionals in the Tech-sphere that you mean business!  

All courses are crafted to provide a solid foundation for boosting your understanding with intrinsic Digital and IT insights while having tons of e-learning tools at your fingertips - directly connecting your talent with matching job opportunities.

Whether you’re looking for a fresh start, feeling blocked from reinventing yourself or simply seeking-out a guided path to connect to a meaningful position in one of the most progressive, stimulating industries out there! We’re all about supporting and mobilizing your professional growth.

Courses include:

  • Microsoft’s DevOps programme
  • Microsoft’s Data Engineer programme
  • Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Engineer programme
  • Microsoft’s Power Platform (Business Intelligence) programme

The Training Room has partnered up with NNT DATA UK in a dedicated mission to help break the barrier of entry for women who are looking to begin a career in the IT & Digital sector.

To underline our joint passion to uplift and cheer on the emerging Women-In-Tech movement, our Microsoft Bootcamp courses will be completely free for all women who sign up! Not a penny, we promise. This scholarship will enable up to 30 women to study any course without any payments necessary and by-pass the valued price of £10,000.

We’re looking to uplift your career-confidence, eliminate workplace hiring bias, create future female Tech leaders and ultimately have you prepped and ready for your future job in Tech.

We have waived 50% off all Microsoft Bootcamp courses as another bonus, rounding down to £3,595 per course. We are thrilled to bring you a unique learning platform to unlock all your potential - gaining invaluable insights for stepping into a promising career in Digital and IT at a reduced cost.

Not only that but our Microsoft Bootcamp courses will provide you a unique platform to be able to delve straight into the Tech and IT industries with a guaranteed job interview upon completing your chosen Microsoft qualification. This is applicable to both our Women-In-Tech programme and men as well. Sounds amazing, right?

Students who sign up are not going to be judged by their job history, gaps in employment or the content of their CVs but on transferable skills, untapped potential, and a resolve and diligence to take on new skills.

With Tech and IT being such an innovative space, employers are open (more than ever) to welcome onboard emerging talent with the help of some comprehensive, tailored training. This is a rare opportunity to undertake a highly accredited Microsoft course and potentially delve straight into a position compatible with your education at The Training Room.

All our Microsoft Bootcamp courses have interactive and independent elements such as:

  • Live sessions with world-class tutors.
  • Self-learning tools (flashcards, quizzes, exercises, practice tests, online chat tools)
  • Assessments and projects.

Also covering IT fundamentals, as well as client service and business skills for a thorough understanding of the Digital and IT workspace. You’ll be educated using world-class EdTech, following a detailed syllabus alongside gaining a commitment to raise up your capabilities to get your chance to break into the sector.

If you're looking to delve into any of our Microsoft courses, sign on today and be on your way to getting an amazing position in Digital!

The Training Room | 14/07/2021 10:00:00

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