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What Difference Does Career Support Make to Your IT Career?

Are you passionate about technology, love problem solving and have an eye for detail? A career in IT might be perfect for you! But what happens when it comes to getting your first job after you’ve completed training? Here’s how career support can help you!

Why choose an IT course?
If you are naturally interested in all things techy, it might be worth considering a career it IT! It’s one of the most rewarding, inspiring and challenging industry’s that you can be part of.  With new apps, programmes and gadgets popping up almost daily, there’s never been a better time to get certified and become part of this growing industry!

You’ll be able to flex your creative muscles and problem-solving skills to advance the technology of your employer or client and help to make the business more successful (and who knows – you may even create the next trending app or the coolest website!) But in order to do this, you’ll need the correct certifications to demonstrate your knowledge in areas like HTML, JavaScript and CSS3 before you can land your dream IT job.

One of the top reasons that many people are choosing to begin a career in IT is the job security. Technology is now so ingrained into our everyday lives and is vital to the successful running of almost every business area today, including areas like healthcare, transport, entertainment, banking, finance and law. This means that no matter which area you choose to work in, there is always a high demand for IT professionals.

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Ready for the next step?
Whether you want to be a web developer, network specialist or software developer, studying an online IT course is a fantastic opportunity to re-train or brush up on your existing skills for a career you’ll really love!

Whatever area you’ve chosen to specialise in, it’s important to have the right certification. This not only helps you stand out as a potential employee but also gives you the skills and knowledge needed to hit the ground running in your new job and set you up for a successful career ahead!

Find out why being certified is essential for your career in IT.
OK, so you’ve found the course that’s perfect for your career goals, worked hard and graduated…. now what? This is where career support step in and guide you to the next phase of your exciting journey!

Let’s take a closer look at what career support really involves and how it benefits your career.

What is career support?
You may find it surprising, but many people know very little about achieving their dream career after they’ve finished their course. Some learning providers offer career support – look out for job guarantees to narrow down who you should choose.  

So, what is career support? Simply put, your career support team are there to help you land your IT job after you’ve graduated from your IT course.

The world of technology is rapidly expanding and this means there are more job opportunities in IT than ever before. On the one hand, that’s great for you! On the other, more people are getting certified for a variety of IT jobs so there is also more competition in the job market. With all of that competition in mind, it’s essential that your CV is the one that the employers are excited about…this is where your career support team shine!  
The career support team cultivate your CV so that it is the best representation of you, your skills, and what you can offer to a potential employee. If your CV’s a little tired, they’ll even help freshen it up to include those new key areas that you’re now an expert on! This gives you the best chance to impress your future employers, even at the application stage!

What about social media? Making your CV keyword relevant will allow your LinkedIn profile (if you’ve added your CV to LinkedIn) to be discoverable by potential employers. Yes, your career support officer can help with that too!

Making your CV and LinkedIn profile relevant to the job you’re looking for requires you to demonstrate the key areas you’ve studied, and the skills you’ve gained from it. This can help your profile standout amongst a sea of applications!

Relationships with Leading Employers
The career support team work really hard year-round to create strong relationships with leading employers. By working alongside recruiters, career support officers often are the first to hear of new opportunities. That means your CV could be with an employer before the role is even published! You could be working in your dream career straight after graduating!

So, is career support necessary to your IT career? Simply, no. It’s not necessary, but it can be incredibly useful in helping you get your career started. Career support provides a vital link between you and your potential employer - they introduce you to one another and will have already laid the ground work ahead of your interview. The hiring manager will already view you in a positive light - this gives you the upper hand when it comes to all of the other applicants out there! Sure, without career support you’ll still find a job, but will you find the perfect opportunity and find it as quickly? Unlikely.

Begin your career in IT with dedicated career support, expert tutors and a job guarantee.

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