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Essential Tips for Building Your IT Business

IT-essential-tips-01.pngBuilding your own IT business is an exciting yet nerve-racking time. You’ll need passion, focus, determination and a little creativity to make your IT business a success.
Whether you dream of being a freelance web developer, network specialist or software developer, here are the essential tips that will help you reach your goals and build your freelance IT business!

IT-laptop-on-desk-plus-logo-01.png​​1. Work out why you want to start your own business
There are many pros and cons to going freelance and being your own boss so you’ll need to sit down and workout if it’s the right career move for you. Although you’ll be able to pick and choose your own working days and times (pro!), you’ll also be fully responsible for paying your taxes, saving for your pension and having to forfeit your earnings during any holiday time or sick days (con).

Relaxed-resize-plus-logo.png2. Specialise in an area
Whether you already have a career in IT and simply want to take a little more control and be your own boss, or you have a passion for all things techy and fancy the life of an entrepreneur, you’ll need to decide which area your business will specialise in.
  • You may want to be a web developer, in which case you should have the best website you can. Make sure you’re testing it and updating it regularly to keep it glitch free and running smoothly – remember that this is literally your business card and if your clients aren’t impressed with your website, they aren’t going to hire you to build theirs! Learn more about marketing your web development career here.
  • If you love finding out exactly how the latest gadgets run and have a natural ability to problem solve, specialising as a software developer is the best career path for you! With the world of technology changing so rapidly, having up-to-date certifications in the most recent coding language along with experience in the latest software is a must. Not only will your clients expect you to be an expert in these areas, they’ll also want you to foresee any areas that will help their product be the best it can be. Interested in leaning more? Here’s our software developer course explained.
  •  If you would rather help to keep your client’s computers safe from any virus attacks, a career as a network specialist is the one for you! Having recent certifications in areas like CompTia Network+, Microsoft Networking Fundamentals MTA and Cisco CCNA will prepare you with the skills you’ll need to make your business successful. Want to know more? Here’s what you’ll learn as a network specialist.  

Keyboard-plus-logo-01.png3. Come up with a business idea
It’s time to sit down and think about the things that set you apart from the other IT businesses around. Maybe you’re really experienced in the latest software and can build amazing apps that get loads of downloads, maybe you create the coolest websites and are keen to build platforms for other companies to use too. Whatever your skillset, you’ll need to sit down and write out the reasons why clients should hire you over anyone else.

talking-about-app-logo-01.jpg4. Market research
Once you’ve figured out why you’re about to have your own freelance business and what you can offer your clients, it’s time to see if anyone else is offering this service and if not, why not? Is it just that you’ve spotted a gap in the market or is there a bigger reason behind it?

Start researching your potential competition and see what you can offer that’s better or quicker than what’s available already.

lady-on-laptop-plus-logo-01.png5. Write your business plan
It’s time to get the ball rolling and write out your business plan. This will cover all of things your business will achieve as it evolves and grows over the next few years. It will also help you to set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals and help you to stick to them. Download a free business plan template here to get started.

Creating a plan like this will also help you to identify any areas that you may need to focus on to help you to succeed in your new business. For example, will you need to gain any up-to-date certifications to keep you ahead of your rivals and entice new clients to use your services above anyone else? Having up-to-date coding skills, or experience in the latest software can really set you apart from your competition and increase your earning potential.

Find out why being certified is essential for your IT career here.

feedback-01.png6. Ask for feedback
Once your business is live and you start working with clients, ask them for their honest feedback and most importantly, listen to it. Use any feedback they provide to improve and grow your business.
Pay special attention to any negative feedback, this will help to sort out any issues as they crop up and as long as you handle it professionally and respectfully, these clients will be more likely to return.

man-with-laptop-01.png7. Keep going
Once the business is up and running you’ll need to constantly stay up-to-date on the latest news, programs, coding languages and software to stay relevant and ahead of the curve. This is where your natural passion for technology will be called upon. To be successful you’ll need to live and breathe all things tech and use your creative skills to think outside the box.

Get your freelance career started on the right foot – brush up your IT skills or refresh your certifications today.

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