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How to Become a Web Developer

What is a Web Developer?

A common misconception about web development is that it is an easy task – anybody can do it, right? Well, this is simply not true. The simplest processes – from buttons, to images, to animation – can sometimes require hours to properly code. Web Development can be seen as an art form, as even the most straightforward-looking websites can take the most time, skill and patience to execute.

In terms of responsibilities, a Web Developer is essentially required to build the foundations of a website and be responsible for how the site functions by constructing the framework with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Although primarily a desk job, you’ll still have the opportunity to meet clients in order to understand and implement their plans and work with them throughout the development.

This is not just a role for building websites – you’ll need to continuously ensure browser optimisation and regularly run performance tests and update websites where required.

Web Development certainly isn’t for everyone. If you’re keen on a career in IT but are unsure what route to take, have a read of our Top IT Courses to Get you Hired This Year.
Where can you work?

In short: anywhere! Virtually every company needs a website and with the UK experiencing a skills shortage for qualified Web Developers, providing you gain the appropriate qualifications there is no better time to become a Web Developer.

If you prefer working on multiple projects with a variety of briefs from all kinds of organisations, then maybe an agency is for you.

If you’re more inclined to build a website from scratch and continuously update it based on industry/company needs, then why not go in-house?

These roles also don’t necessarily have to be office-based. After all, a Web Developer only needs a working computer with a strong internet connection!
Career Requirements

Now, not all Web Development jobs require specific experience or even prior knowledge as there are a small amount of basic entry-level roles out there. However, these really are rare and hard to come by.

To be successful in the field and to land any decent role, you will need to gain some form of technical qualification. Many potential employers will consider a university degree in a related field, such as computer science, maths or software engineering. That being said, your specific knowledge and experience are what will set you apart from the rest.

Either in place of or in addition to a degree, a recognised industry-standard qualification from a specialised training provider will be what employers look for in potential candidates. These qualifications can provide you with in-depth knowledge of fundamental topics such as HTML, CSS, React, databases, networking, GUI and JavaScript – in some cases, you can be qualified in as little as 3 months!

What next?

Here at The Training Room, we offer a Web Development course that offers all the above topics - and more. With one of our courses, you’ll benefit from studying at your own pace through online learning, as well as receiving support from our specialist tutors.

A recent study indicated that IT employment opportunities are set to grow by 22% over the next few years, with over 1-in-3 current IT professionals believing the IT job marketing will continue to improve during the next 5 years.

At The Training Room, all of our students are provided with a dedicated Career Support Officer to support your with finding a role that is right for you. They’ll help to refine and restructure your CV, arrange interviews for you with our Corporate Partners and assist with interview preparation. If you’d like to take a look at some of our IT-related Corporate Partners, visit our IT course page.

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