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How to Become a Software Developer


Is coding something that has always piqued your interest? Think you’d be awesome at coming up with ideas for new apps or programs? Maybe you get satisfaction out of putting the groundwork in to produce something that people are passionate about and use every day! (Yes, we’re talking video games and our favourite apps)

What is a Software Developer?
In layman’s terms, a Software Developer’s primary role is to plan, create, test and maintain computer software.
Speaking more technically, the role is to meet the client or company’s requirements through building, auditing, and improving an operating system, application or program, ensuring quality by looking into future improvements and upgrading where possible.

For further information, take a look at when we discussed a Software Developer’s role in more detail in our What is a Software Developer piece.

The average salary for a Software Developer based in the UK is around £36,000. Now, this can increase to up to £70,000 with experience and skill and in special cases even more! As with the strong majority of roles in this country, you can expect to earn more money if you can land a role (and are willing to travel) in London.

Where can you work?
There has never been a better time to start a career in IT; since 2015, the amount of job openings has doubled! Providing you have a relevant qualification and a go-getting mindset; you’ll find ample opportunity within all kinds of sectors.

Working as a Software Developer, there really is a vast range of industries you can go on to work in, notably software, insurance, gaming, automobile, security, education and multimedia.

A perk of working as a Software Developer, as with most roles in IT, is you’ll likely have access to flexible working – meaning as long as you have an able computer and strong internet connection, you can work from home!
Career requirements
As with any career in IT, you’ll have to gain a relevant qualification to get your shot in the industry. Once you’ve landed your first role, going forward, the most important thing is experience and any specialised qualifications.

Degrees are no longer a necessity; though they certainly have their benefits, it is now much more cost-effective and much less time-consuming to complete a technical certification in the field. This garners just as much respect from employers as a fully-fledged degree and you’ll learn everything you need to be confident walking into that first job. 

Work ethic, time management, collaboration, communication: these four personal skills will give you an advantage in the IT industry – dependent on the employer, personal skills can weigh up almost as much as technical skills, so be sure to brush up on them!

What’s next?
At The Training Room, we provide a certification in Software Development at two levels (intermediate and professional) which is fully online-based and can be completed within 3-6 months. Every student at The Training Room has 3 years’ access to a dedicated career support officer who will help strengthen your CV and look to arrange interviews for you with our IT corporate partners, allowing you access to get yourself noticed by some major IT companies.

If this interests you, why not learn more about how to begin your journey to a dream career in IT…

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