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Six Top Tips To Get You Recruited as a Junior Web Developer

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Always wanted to get a top job as a Web Developer? Well we’ve put together a list of some of the top tips to help you land your dream job

Build your own portfolio site

First things first, ALL employee’s look for an impressive portfolio! Why? Because it’s not only a reflection of your skills, but it’s a great way to showcase your talents.

Do freelance projects

Once you’ve built your own site, the best way to build a robust portfolio is to do some freelance work. Freelance projects are fantastic because it gives you opportunities to gain vital experience, earn some extra cash, learn new areas of web development and determine which specific areas you like and dislike.

Remember the projects DO NOT have to be big, any experience is better than none!

Fill up your portfolio with your work

You should use examples of all the work you’ve done for freelance companies (but don’t forget to gain their permission). Once you’ve worked hard building and updating your portfolio, it should look professional and something that you are proud to show to potential employees.

Follow industry news

The tech and web development industry moves very fast – when you’re being interviewed, employees are very likely to ask you questions about the industry. Dazzle them with your brilliance and knowledge by subscribing to industry relevant newsletters, buy a magazine or simply search the web. If you’re passionate about the industry, this shouldn’t be a problem – make sure you have a basic understanding of the industry you are going to be potentially working in.

Learn more

There’s always room to develop your skills and make yourself even more employable. According to Skillcrush* here are a few skills that employees commonly ask for

  • CSS pre-processors, for example, Sass or Less
  • Frameworks like Backbone.js, Angular.js, or Node.js, etc. or Ruby on Rails
  • A CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress

Refine your CV

The quality of your CV is fundamental to getting your foot through the door. Employees DO always check your CV, make sure it’s polished and professional. Also, if you’ve done any more freelance work, do update your experience.

So there you go, six top tips to help you secure your first role as a Web Developer. Good luck!

*Skillcrush, 2015., 12 things you must do to land yourself a junior Web Developer role. Available from: Accessed on 13/01/2016.

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