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The Benefits Of Working Remotely As A Web Developer


With both work from home and permanently remote work becoming increasingly common it’s predicted that by 2028, 78% of all teams will include fully-remote workers. And for those of you either looking to train as a Web Developer or wanting to explore alternative options to working from an office - there are plenty of opportunities to work remotely with the talent pool for developers being so limited and the remote job market booming! In fact, 16% of all companies worldwide are currently operating with employees being 100% remote. With a 159% growth in the last twelve years, remote working is no longer niche and is very much the new normal. 
One of the most popular remote job boards, Remote Ok, recently announced just how lucrative and well-paid remote developer positions are. The title ‘Developer’ was the websites #1 most well-paid position on their website. With web developers being in the top 43% of careers when it comes to feeling happy at work, taking up a remote working position can definitely raise career satisfaction even further! 
Here are some big incentives and takeaways to consider finding a remote job opportunity as a Web Developer: 
Go where you want! Work as a digital nomad 
A career in web development gives you the unique chance to have greater access and opportunities to explore positions that are entirely remote and will allow you to relocate (or travel around) to different countries and experience new cultures if that appeals to you! It can open doors to travel and enable you to balance work with the ability to hop from place to place! 
Overall, 51% of digital nomads (a remote worker with no fixed location) are IT professionals and 26% work abroad without having obtained a University degree. Key reasons why IT professionals choose to travel while they work include lower cost of living, lifestyle freedom as well as work flexibility. 
Burnt out in the office? Experience less stress remotely
With 82% of remote workers citing they feel much less stressed in comparison to office workers, it’s a big reminder that there are considerable benefits to stepping away from the office for good and finding a permanently remote job. 
Web developer, Rachelle Wise states it best: “I cannot stress enough how wonderful it is to work for yourself, or even just to work remotely. As more and more tech companies move towards hiring subcontractors or going remote, it gets easier for more developers to jump on this train. Set your own schedule, have less stress, travel more, work anywhere with Wi-Fi, work from home in your pyjamas, spend more time with your family – it is life-changing, and the best decision I have ever made.”
You’ll find yourself being more productive than ever 
As a Web Developer, being away from an office environment can help enhance your creativity, concentration and working in the environment of your choosing can boost your engagement and peace of mind. You can focus on writing code, work on new designs, applications and further projects from the comfort of your own home, a cafe or by the beach! 
Developer, Ziad Saab, explains the benefits of working remotely for enhanced concentration: “Remote work allows me to work in the environment and at the time I am the most focused.” So if you’re a web developer who thrives on independence and picking your own space, remote work has a lot to offer. In fact, 77% of remote employees feel increased productivity from working in their own space.
You’ll have no problem finding opportunities and be in-demand! 
With web developers being highly sought-after worldwide and here in the UK due to the current digital skill shortage, finding a remote opportunity to suit your interests as a developer won’t be much of a challenge.
In the UK alone, 82% of job candidates require digital skills in order to be able to meet job specifications. When it comes to web development specifically, approximately 21% of tech-based job vacancies are for web developers.
Andrew Carlson, Digital Talent Recruiter at Planet4iT gives his take on the global need for web developers: “Developers are still probably the most sought-after group of people. Whether it’s the digital transformation or the online revolution — whatever you want to call it — it’s forced a lot of companies with traditional business models to create a platform that allows their business model to thrive online. Without Web Developers, you can’t do that.”
Increased opportunities to set your own schedule 
As a remote worker, you’ll often can set your own working hours to fit your needs. This flexibility is a big appeal, so whether you work best as a night owl or an early riser - you can have the opportunity to choose the time that works for you best and not adhere to a strict 9-5 if that doesn’t appeal to you. You’ll be able to set your structure and schedule and be able to stay on track as a remote employee.
Consider the time zone of your business though! If you’re just starting out in your career or want to be a remote freelancer, you may receive calls and emails at odd hours from clients. This will be the case if you pick to work for a company with a large shift in time zones but definitely doesn’t outweigh the change to set your own hours. 
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