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How AI is Shaping your Software Dev Career

How-AI-is-Shaping-your-Software-Dev-Career-01-2.jpgCoders today come from all walks of life and are the Masters of Modern Technology; they help to build and develop programmes, gadgets, apps and websites with the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Without coders, developers and programmers, we wouldn’t have the amazing inventions that we use day-to-day like smart phones, wireless technology, 3D printing and speech recognition devices (like Apple’s Siri or Google’s Alexa).  In short, software developers are single-handedly shaping the future of digital technology!

AI devices are now able to compose songs, paint pictures, drive cars, play games, recognise faces and even code! But with the rapid advancement of AI, comes the worry in every technology professional’s mind: “what does that mean for my career in the going forward?”

Are the days of human programmers numbered? Are our sci-fi fears of being taken over by robots actually coming true?

The answer is of course, no.

Although we have this powerful technological advancement at our fingertips, the Hollywood fiction of AI replacing humans hasn’t come true yet.

Although computers have now proven they have the intelligence to learn how to code by themselves, it will be quite some time before an AI bot will be able to create production worthy code spanning more than just a few lines, and even longer for it to interpret the business value of each feature and analyse the market and development trends to advise you on what to develop next… so in other words, your career is safe for quite some time. (Phew!)

Find out how AI is transforming our lives

How-AI-is-Shaping-your-Software-Dev-Career-2-01.jpgSo, with that weight now off your mind, you can start thinking about the benefits of being a software developer in this day and age.

The technology industry is booming, and software developers are in high demand all around the world. It’s a thrilling industry to be a part of as you’ll be at the fore-front of the exciting inventions and developments that shapes our data-driven world.

With modern technology spanning the globe at a rapid rate, developing AI software will mean that you get to really think outside of the box and be creative. When developing software these days, you’ll need to have a global mindset and think about the customers you are building the product for all over the world; you’ll need to take into consideration different languages, regions, devices and different internet connection speeds.

With the ever-changing advancement of programmes and software, you’ll need to be experienced in several languages to be successful in this career. Older languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript are not going away anytime soon so it’s a good idea to master these coding languages as much as you can to not only make your own life easier, but also to impress your employer.

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How-AI-is-Shaping-your-Software-Dev-Career-3-01.jpgWhat’s the future of AI?

Well, the sky’s the limit really. As a software developer you’ll be able to dream up inventions that do not yet exist or think up ways to improve products and developments we already have. For example, AI has stepped in and taken over some of the most dangerous jobs, such as bomb disposal, saving countless lives in the process. Perhaps you have a passion for developing your own little technological side-kick like C-3PO – well you’re in the industry where anything is possible! In fact, a company in Hong Kong called Hanson Robotics, have created a humanoid robot, named Sophia, that can understand and relate to human emotion – there’s even a funny video featuring Will Smith on a date with her (watch it here)!

So, if you are creative, forward thinking and keen to change the world one digital device at a time – this is the career for you!

How-AI-is-Shaping-your-Software-Dev-Career-4-01.jpgIf you’re keen to take the leap and follow your techy passions but aren’t quite sure if it’s the right time to re-train, look out for these 6 signs you should start a career in IT

With the year drawing to a close, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about the goals you want to achieve in the new year (although it’s never too late at any point in the year).

There are many reasons to re-train for a career in IT, including:
  • Global employment opportunities
  • Job security in a growing industry
  • Well paid positions
  • Being part of a respected profession
  • Sought-after skills that employers are desperate for
  • Variety
  • The chance to have a career in an area you are passionate about
  • Job satisfaction
  • Knowing you are making a difference to the world
  • Career progression
  • A feeling of self-worth
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