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IT Technician Training Courses

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Did you know that the technology industry in the UK is currently booming ? With £28 billion being invested since 2011, the UK is the leading tech sector in Europe!


Aside from proving the booming nature of this sector, what else does this mean? Well, it means that right now is a great time to join the IT industry. This is especially true if you’ve always had a passion for IT which you want to turn into a career!


However, we recognise that many people may have the dream of entering the IT industry they are often at times quite time poor, as recently reported by The Economist .


This is why in our latest blog we are here to tell you all about IT Technician Training with The Training Room, but first a bit about the role of being an IT Technician!

What Can I Expect As an IT Technician

Being an IT Technician is a job that involves a variety of tasks such as setting up computers to dealing with security fixes. More importantly, the role also involves explaining technical ideas to a non-techie!


An IT Technician can expect an entry-level salary of £22,000 with the average salary ranging around £27,000 according to Neuvoo . With experience in the field, you can expect to earn up to £44,000.


Now onto how you can fit your IT training course around your hectic lifestyle!

Getting Qualified as an Infrastructure Technician with The Training Room

As we’ve shown above there’s never been a better time to join the IT industry. There are a number of ways you can enter the IT industry, whether it be through apprenticeships to training courses.


One such training course in IT that has helped many inspired students get into the industry, is offered right here at The Training Room!


At The Training Room, we offer our Infrastructure Technician Course which is an e-learning course that enables you to benefit from flexible study at a pace that suits you. Designed with you in mind our e-learning course gives you the power to take control of your start and finish dates.


An all-rounded course, the aim of our course modules is to give you a comprehensive understanding of all things involved in being an Infrastructure Technician. The modules within this course include -


IT Fundamentals - Starting with the basics this module will help you understand the components of a computer to teaching you fundamental practices such as setting up and maintaining a computer.


CompTIA A+ - This particular module will develop your understanding of operating systems as you learn to install, configure, safety check and work with operations systems such as Windows. In this module, you will also learn how to support mobile and digital devices.


Microsoft Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 - A Microsoft specific module, here you will learn how to install and configure Windows Server 2012. In this module you will also learn how to implement more complex task such as implementing Domain Name System (DNS) to local storage.

Benefits of Studying With The Training Room

Our Infrastructure Technician Course is delivered through our state of the art e-learning platform. This means that you can study this career changing qualification without having to give up your current commitments such as your job or childcare.


Although your learning will be delivered online we ensure that you feel support each step of the way! What this means is that you will be provided direct contact with an e-learning tutor who is a specialist in the IT industry. As you complete the modules at your own pace without feeling a sense of pressure, we will also provide you with regular check-ups with your tutor to keep you on track, feeling motivated and supported!


Here at The Training Room, we are there for you every step of the way! From the moment you register, through your studies and beyond. What this translates into from a practical standpoint is that we will guide you in your professional development through mentoring and careers support from the moment you register through to 3 years after you graduate.


Once you have graduated we will help you make take your first step into the IT industry through introductions to our major Network IT corporate partners.


Ready to commit to your career dreams and pursue a career in IT?


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