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How To Help With Your Clients New Year’s Fitness Resolutions As A Personal Trainer

Posted 12 July 2023

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Did you know that an estimated 54% of the British general public will make a New Year’s resolution in 2022 and one quarter of the population will have one focusing on their health? With one of the most common New Year’s resolutions being to get into shape, this is an especially active time of year not only to pick up new clients but to have your pre-existing ones share their latest goals and ambitions to be the best version of themselves going into 2022.

Being an awesome, passionate Personal Trainer can really facilitate clients keep up their body and diet goals, keep pushing themselves and be a powerful force for good to stray away from any poor health habits or procrastination.

It’s all about empowering your clients, boosting their body positivity, and adapting and being flexible to help them pursue their individual focuses - whether it is to shed some pounds or make a full-blown transformation from the inside out!

Here’s some tips for being the most effective, hands-on Personal Trainer when helping clients make positive changes in 2022 and keep on being a constant source of inspiration:

Ensure your sessions together focus on workouts they enjoy

What might be fun for yourself, and a lot of your clients might not necessarily translate to others. Some clients might be more into cardio and less enthusiastic about weight training and vice versa. This is where getting to know your client, using your social skills and collaborating directly with your client will help to mitigate any misunderstandings that could crop up in terms of their exercise preferences.

You should also ensure you’re approachable and flexible too. Why’s that? This is because your client should feel comfortable enough to let you know they want to switch up the workouts or express they want to try something different.

Don’t let them forget! Give them a friendly reminder of their goals

Let’s be honest, it’s easy to set a goal for yourself but much harder to remember it and really achieve it in the long run. It takes self-discipline, a clear objective in mind and the will to get it done.

That’s where you come in! You can help remind your client not of the health and fitness goals they’ve shared with you but their reasons behind them and how they will benefit their life in the long run!

So, if you notice your client is beginning to fall off the wagon, give them the encouragement and guidance they need to refocus and keep on targets to attain their particular health and fitness aims.

Keep being the supportive force they need to reach their targets

An effective Personal Trainer will want to be as much of a teacher, mentor and leader for their client’s personal health and fitness goals instead of telling them what they want to hear or acting more as a passive assistant on the gym floor.

Essentially, an unengaged trainer just isn’t going to get results or win over clients’ trust nor their respect. Take the skills you’ve acquired over training, past experience and ensure your clients see the best version of yourself professionally.

So, what are some tips and techniques for doing this? Praise their achievements, attendance and provide them with constructive feedback too. Give them emotional support for all their highs and lows as well as providing solutions and practical changes to their exercise and diet plan you think would work well.

Remain super patient and understanding with clients

Everybody struggles a little when it comes to hitting those big long-term goals. It’s not a soft process a lot of the time and there will be ups and downs. With that in mind, do your best to see where they’re coming from if they’re hitting a block in the road.

Being patient and considerate is a huge part of being a Personal Trainer. Clients may stray when it comes to staying on track, following their plan and the encouragement you give out to a client will work on some but not others. Even if their New Year’s resolution is to get in shape! You might have a difficult client that doesn’t follow the plan whatsoever and won’t shift their bad habits. Even if they’ve set out their goals to you and claim they want to reach them.

Try to understand all your different clients’ mindsets and not get frustrated. Teach the importance of following through with a plan, the power of consistency and see what you can do to help clients with any setbacks.

Evaluate whether their fitness goals are realistic

As much as you’re there to encourage and be an active figure in your client’s transformation - it’s still your job to make sure they aren’t overreaching and that they really attain those desired goals. Don’t tell them what they want to hear unless you know there’s a good shot, they’ll be able to put the work in within a specific amount of time.

Have a sit down with them and let them share all their fitness resolutions then provide your honest feedback and plan of action thereafter. They’ll value your honesty and appreciate your directness more than anything else!

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