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Life Coaching Techniques You Can Bring To Your Everyday

It's understandable that life can have its ups and downs. How you deal with the peaks and valleys of the human existence is what can determine your happiness and sense of wellbeing. Here are some techniques that life coaches use with their clients that could help improve your day to day, and bring into your new career!

Life-Coaching-Techniques-You-Can-Bring-to-Your-Everyday-2.pngGratitude and thankfulness
It’s proven that being grateful and appreciating the little things makes us feel better. It's been said that grateful people report to have better relationships, along with physical and mental health. Us grateful types also sleep better and have higher self-esteem (mostly because we don’t compare ourselves so harshly to others). And hey, being grateful is free, it takes very little time and you get so much from it!

Want to bring a bit more gratitude into your every day? Make a list every week of the things that have made you happy – it could be as small as someone holding the door open for you, to the bigger things like your friend treating you to dinner. It helps you reflect on all the great things that have happened (no matter how trivial) and makes you feel super positive about the people around you. Plus, you’re more likely to return the good deed and spread extra positivity!

Life-Coaching-Techniques-You-Can-Bring-to-Your-Everyday-3.pngPositive affirmations
Feel a bit silly bigging yourself up? Stick with us on this one! Positive affirmations turn good words into good feelings – you’re basically faking it ‘til you make it! Our minds work in multisensory ways – so thinking and saying positive phrases will make you feel great!

Your affirmations can be as simple as “I am beautiful,” but they can also be specific like “I will get a promotion this year.” They don't need to take up any time and you can do it while you drive to work or are in the shower!

Spoiler: telling yourself you’re going to win the lottery is unlikely to make you actually win the lottery. It’s good, but it’s not that good. Sorry.

Life-Coaching-Techniques-You-Can-Bring-to-Your-Everyday-4.pngGuided meditation
Meditation is no new trick to help you smash through your every day with positive vibes. It’s been proven to hone your focus, increase physical and mental health, reduce stress and anxiety and can even help you live longer - sign us up!

Life coaches take on the core principles of meditation and guide you through it with visualisations that enable you to let go of whatever’s eating you up. You’ll also be able to get some zen on your own with the ‘white cloud’ visualisation…

…close your eyes and imagine a white cloud floating towards you, grab it and place all your worries and concerns within the cloud, then open your hands and let it float away. Watch as your cloud floats back up into the sky and takes your worries with it.

Give it a go, you might surprise yourself!
“GROW”– Goal, Reality, Options and Will is used by life coaches to help move clients towards their goals and shift their thought-patterns in a more positive direction. It’s one of the best ways of setting your goals, questioning your motives and formulating ideas.
The best format is writing it down, so grab a pen and paper and starting GROWing!
  • Goal question – what do you want? What are you trying to achieve? What are your desires? Remember to keep all your answers and questions simple and don't over think it.
  • Reality question – for you to reach your desired goal you need to analyse where you are now. From here you’ll need to look at how you can realistically achieve your goals in small steps.
  • Option question – here you need to think about the big picture, then break it down from there to consider all your options. Focus on what your experience and knowledge can bring to the table and take it from there. Knowing your options and being realistic about them will help you narrow down your next steps.
  • Will question – After you've considered your goals, the realities of your life and the options available to you, it's time to think about what you can do to get there. This is where your ‘what will I do first?’ comes into play!
Life-Coaching-Techniques-You-Can-Bring-to-Your-Everyday-6.pngKeep a Journal
Keeping a journal might seem a bit old school but don’t let that put you off – some of the greatest minds have kept journals to help consolidate and process thoughts and ideas. Heavy hitters like Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Frida Kahlo and Da Vinci have all been part of the journal gang, so you’ll be in good company!

How can this help in your every day? If you’re looking to make a change, it’s a great way to document your progress and reflect on your day, week or month (a bit of self-reflection is always good!). You could even set yourself questions like:
  • What did I enjoy most about my day?
  • What did I not like about my day?
  • What did I learn from my day?
  • If I could, what would I do differently tomorrow?
Your journal will help bring clarity to your thought processes and helps you make changes. Releasing your mind and body from the burden of negative thoughts can really help open up your mind for more productive ideas. Time for a trip to WHSmiths?

Looking to learn more about life coaching or want to offer it as a service to others?

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