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Will Taking a Course Really Help Me Become a Personal Trainer? 


Are you exploring your career options online and wondering what route to take to become a Health and Fitness professional? Perhaps you’re thinking about what an online Personal Training course can offer you and do to improve your job prospects? Well, we’re here to set your mind at ease. With E-Learning becoming more and more widespread from 2020 to present day, getting qualified via online education offers innovation, job-specific training and shows your initiative to hiring employers.

Studying to become a Personal Trainer online has a lot of significant benefits. You’ll have all the benefits of studying from home - comfort, completing modules at your own pace, scheduling coursework around your current commitments and access to state of the art online learning tools.

So, will an online Personal Trainer course help to secure a job in the industry? The answer is simple: yes! Gainingyour Personal Training qualification with The Training Room will lead to a guaranteed job interview and a whole bunch of other benefits you won’t get anywhere else:

Can you do a Personal Training course online?

You absolutely can! You don’t necessarily have to travel and only take in-person classes to learn the key foundational skills to become a great Personal Trainer. There’s quite a few benefits for opting to study online! You can set your own pace, it’s more comfortable and convenient to learn from home as well as not breaking the bank by buying pricey textbooks and other course materials.

You’ll also be able to customise your learning as online Personal Training courses are becoming more structured and catering to students looking to pick up specialist skills. At The Training Room, we offer extra modules in areas like: boxing, metabolic circuit training and studio cycling.

Our Personal Trainer courses have a really flexible approach, you can choose to study full-time, part-time or entirely online! There’s also excellent in-class options to learn with us in particular locations too.

How long does a Level 3 Personal Training course take?

So, how long does it take to become a Level 3 Personal Trainer? If you’re looking to really get through the course quite speedily, we’ve got good news. For our full-time students (if you’re looking to put in the work to gain your qualification ASAP) you can actually graduate in as little as 5 weeks from your start date. We’re not saying it’s going to be an easy run, but regardless, it can be achieved.

However, if full-time isn’t possible for you and you’re juggling other commitments, our part-time course takes place over 6 weekend-long workshops and includes 11 days of practicals, assessments and includes home study. It’s a really compact but comprehensive avenue for getting your Level 3.

If you’ve got plenty of time to spare, you could opt for our Level 3 Personal Trainer course online. Our E-Learning only option takes between 3 to 6 months to complete on average. By taking a Personal Training course online, you’ll be able to complete modules at your own pace and schedule coursework around your commitments.

Can I receive guided Tutor support on a Personal Trainer course?

With The Training Room, we provide really fantastic Tutors who have knowledge and experience in all our subject areas.

You’ll be able to have direct contact with your tutor. If you’re ever unsure of anything, big or small, they’re here to help you and give you support and motivation to have the best educational experience possible.

We’ve invested in tutors who know the industry, have tons of wisdom and are keen to share it with you! Curious about who tutors are and how they can help you? Have a look at Our Tutors page on our website to do some extra digging and read through our Tutors’ bios.

What is the best Personal Training course in the UK?

Well, perhaps our opinion is a little bit biased... but we do offer services and support that stretch beyond your average online Personal Training course. What makes us stand out from the rest is our genuine care to transform your career, and putting measures into action to do just that!

We guarantee you an interview with a leading UK health club. The Training Room has a lot of Personal Training corporate partners who are always interested in finding new talent. You might even get the opportunity to interview with one of them! Our connections go a long way and have been of great help to our alumni.

Our tutors have industry relevant knowledge and often receive fantastic reviews for their teaching. We offer assistance with our Career Support Team when you complete your course with us. They’ll be able to provide 3 years of career support: help finding you job interviews, improving your career confidence and ensuring you’re able to find your footing with our brand-new qualification at hand.

As mentioned previously, we offer our students the flexibility to learn full-time or part-time. And, if financial pressures are a barrier for entry for you to get your qualification, we do offer an in-house loan scheme. We work hard to ensure all our students receive impeccable treatment and are treated with care, respect and allowing you to obtain a career that you can be passionate about. To those we help, we offer the best Personal Training certification and a solid foundation to start a new career.

Is Personal Training a good career switch job?

Yes! Whether you’re a fitness fanatic in an unwanted office job or have wanted to pursue fitness previously but have been sidetracked by other jobs - it is a brilliant career. You’ll be actively helping other people improve their health, have fun on a daily basis and gain the benefits of breaking a sweat yourself!

Did you know that Personal Training is also a great career option to cut the stress out of your day-to-day life. With Personal Trainers experiencing 30% less stress than office workers, it’s an ideal career switch!

So if you’re ready to permanently shut off from your work computer and become a fitness expert, we’re here to help you to make that much-needed change a reality. You can download our career switch guide or fill out your details and have one of our academy assessors give in touch with us.

How can The Training Room help you become a PT?

Whether you’re seeking to build up your qualifications or start your Level 3 in Personal Training, The Training Room offers a comprehensive selection of Health and Fitness courses that caters to enhancing your progression in the Health and Fitness industry.

Still looking to upskill after finishing off your Level 3? We’re lucky enough to have two excellent Level 4 courses that can boost not only your skills but earning potential too. We offer Level 4 in Strength and Conditioning and Level 4 in Nutrition for Weight Management and Athletic Performance.

Our top-notch Tutors will keep you engaged while inspiring you to take on new challenges, getting you certified to take on a particular job goal or by enhancing your abilities within a particular skill set.

Our Health and Fitness courses have a really flexible approach, you can choose to study full-time, part-time or entirely online! Get started today to put your Health and Fitness career prospects into action.

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