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Can I Become a Personal Trainer with No Experience at All?


If you’re looking to ditch your current job and want to focus on building a brand-new career path for yourself, help is at hand. Becoming a Personal Trainer provides tons of job satisfaction, a varied working day and gives you the chance to flex your social muscles!

You’re maybe thinking you’d need a long-running apprenticeship or uni degree just to get your foot in the door, right? Actually, that’s not necessarily the case. Taking a Personal Training course will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to get started as a Personal Trainer.

With The Training Room we helpour students not only get qualified, but find employment too. No degree needed. No experience needed. No long, heavily padded CV needed either. Just the drive for a new career, passion for Health and Fitness and a qualification under your belt. We ensure that students who complete their course get interviewed by one of the premiere health clubs as well as further support.

Read more about what it takes to become a Personal Trainer and further information one our services down below to learn more:

Can you be a personal trainer without a certification?

It’s a common question. So, can you be a PT without a qualification? It's really risky business. Right now, there aren’t currently aren’t any compulsory national licensing requirements in relation to Personal Trainer required qualifications, it’s generally very frowned upon. This could change at any time.

Without being qualified you'll have a rough time finding work, especially from gyms and leisure centres. Even if you’re looking to go freelance or work online, clients will still want to know that their trainer has been thoroughly educated in the field in order to give them reasurrences they’re in good hands.

Also, you’re going to have a really hard time getting liability insurance without a Personal Training qualification. This insurance gives you some protection if a client gets hurt in one of your classes. And being sued isn’t exactly a fun time! Getting qualified relieves you of all these burdens that you definitely won’t want to get saddled down with!

Can I become a Personal Trainer by only learning online?

Sure! With us at The Training Room, we offer an entirely E-Learning option to suit your learning needs. You still receive the same quality of learning and course content, just you’ll be learning from your own home instead of a classroom.

So if you only want to learn online, our E-Learning only option takes between 3 to 6 months to complete on average. You’ll be able to complete modules at your own pace and schedule coursework around your commitments too.

We’ve taken great care to ensure you have a range of learning options with us at The Training Room. If you’d rather take up in-person classes, we do run classes in selected areas also.

Will a Personal Training course help me get job interviews?

With us, yes! You might actually find you get employed much quicker than you think! We can guarantee you an interview with leading UK health clubs. The Training Room has a lot of corporate partners in the Health and Fitness industry and they’re always on the lookout for new, emerging talent.

Once you do all your studying and finally get rewarded with your qualification, we are able to assist you in a very unique way. Our Career Support team will work closely with you for up to 3 years to ensure you find a job opportunity that can get you up and running as a Personal Trainer.

Job hunting can be a very daunting process when going it alone and we don’t want you to deal with any of those feelings - so once you’ve completed your course, you can count on us to support you on your journey.

How quickly can I become a personal trainer?

You’re probably thinking how long does it take to become a PT. Quite fast - but only if you’re willing to put the work in! For our full-time students, you can actually graduate in as little as 5 weeks from your start date. We’re not saying it’s going to be easy at all, but regardless, it can be achieved.

However, if full-time study isn’t going to fit in well with your lifestyle and juggling various commitments, our part-time course takes place over 6 weekend-long workshops and includes 11 days of practicals, assessments and includes home study. It’s a really compact but comprehensive avenue for getting your Level 3.

Only want to learn online? Our E-Learning only option takes between 3 to 6 months to complete on average. You’ll be able to complete modules at your own pace and schedule coursework around your commitments.

Will I get career support after completing a Personal Training course?

Yes! Don’t feel you’ve got to go it alone on your job search for a Personal Training position.

As well as having a guaranteed job interview with a top UK health club, our Career Support service can help you find work for up to 3 years from signing up. If you’ve got a job interview where a CV is necessary, they’ll help you to spruce it up!

We’re lucky enough to have a wide-range of Health and Fitness corporate partners who are interested in enthusiastic alumni from The Training Room.

So yes, we’re lucky enough to provide outstanding career support that will help your career switch tremendously.

Will taking a course with The Training Room help me to become a PT?

We offer a brilliant Level 3 in Personal Training course that is highly sought-after by hiring managers in the Health and Fitness industry. We teach you everything you need to become an excellent, dependable Personal Trainer who is able to give clients the experience they’re looking for.

The Training Room offers a comprehensive selection of Health and Fitness courses that caters to enhancing your progression in the Health and Fitness industry, whether you're a career switcher or upskiller.

Want to continue studying and enhancing your career after finishing off your Level 3? We’re lucky enough to have two awesome Level 4 courses that can boost not only your skills but earning potential too. We offer Level 4 in Strength and Conditioning and Level 4 in Nutrition for Weight Management and Athletic Performance.

Our outstanding Tutors (with loads of industry experience) will keep you engaged, motivate you and get you certificated to take on a particular job goal or by increasing your skills within a particular area of study.

Our Health and Fitness courses have a flexible approach, you can choose to study either full-time, part-time or completely online! Get started today to put your Health and Fitness career prospects into action.

Download our free prospectus today to get started!

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