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PT Life: How to Give Athletes the Edge

How to Give Athletes the Edge as a Personal TrainerDo you dream of standing by the finish line as your client sprints past you, winning the gold medal while they do! Or maybe you want to stand in the ring and hold your champ’s hand up after a perfect KO? As a personal trainer, you’ll have the opportunity to train with athletes that are just as dedicated and passionate and health and fitness as you are!

Training an athlete is very different to training your usual type of client and you’ll need some extra special tricks up your sleeve to give them that winner’s edge. Training an athlete is a unique opportunity that can be life changing for the both of you, it’s more than just improving your client’s strength and speed; you’ll improve their focus, drive, determination and mind set.

You may also get the chance to train everyday heroes like firefighters and police officers, as they obviously need to keep their fitness on point too! You don’t get to say that in many careers!

So how will you make sure they are performing at their best? As a trainer, here’s how to give athletes the edge!

PT Life - Eat Right
Eat right
Starting the day right is essential! Take a look at these 10 breakfast ideas for before and after your workout to make sure your client has the right fuel to power through their morning and get that essential workout in.
PT Life - Simplify
If you’re going to be smashing a tough workout with your client, it might be a good idea to strip it back to the basics and concentrate on the fundamental training tools to give you the best foundation to build upon.
Athletes train hard and invariably you’ll want to make sure you incorporate compound movements like squats, deadlifts, planks, lunges and pull-ups. These will give you and your client a fantastic starting point to keeping building on. Keep it simple, lift heavy and keep pushing your client - along with diet and discipline, it’s the best way to benefit quickly from training.

PT Life - RestRest
When your client enjoys hitting the gym and working out, it can be hard getting them to take a day off and rest, but it’s important that you insist. Make sure your client has scheduled rest days and explain to them how important it is that they stick to it. Your client can’t get the results they want if their body doesn’t have time to recover from the intense training, and it will start to affect their performance in the long run. Recent surveys show that your body recovers the best if you take a week off from training, every 3 months if you train full time.
PT Life - Set Mini GoalsSet mini goals
Athletes are super competitive and like to have set goals to aim for and smash: it’s what keeps them motivated and focused. You don’t want to set a goal that’s too far from being achievable as they’ll lose interest from not being able to measure their performance against it. Make sure you set mini challenges to keep them on their toes and have something to aim for.

PT Life - VariationVariation
Athletes live and breathe training so it’s important to keep things fun and interesting for them. You can still train hard, but you don’t have to stick to the same routine for a solid 6 months!
Think up creative ways to keep them wondering what’s coming next! If your client needs to up their cardio for example, take inspo from the Rocky films and get them outside! Want to improve their resistance training? Try doing some of the exercises in water! It’s your chance to have some fun too, why not join in with them, that way you’ll both benefit!

If you have dreams of training the next big athlete, you’ll need to do some serious networking and marketing to get your name out there and let people know what you can offer them. Follow this guide and find out how to boost your personal trainer business to get the clients you want.
Make sure you constantly keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date and learn everything there is to know about the type of event you want to train your athlete client for. If you dream of training the next Connor McGregor, you’ll need to know everything there is to know about the world of boxing, for example. Athletes have a high level of passion and dedication to their sport and they will expect the same from you as their trainer, so get your hands on as many books and videos as you can to start learning the ins-and-outs of the sport!
If this sounds like something you want to do as a career, get your skills tip top with our strength and conditioning course!

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