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How to be a better Personal Trainer

How can you become a better Personal Trainer?

Have you noticed it? There’s been a real surge of qualified Personal Trainers entering the health and fitness industry.

On the one hand this is excellent: the demand for PTs has increased as more people look to adopt a healthier lifestyle and improve their fitness. This creates an exciting industry where everyone is striving for a common goal; plus, more Personal Trainers like you are finding lots of work.

On the other hand, it creates greater competition for Personal Trainers; if you possess the same skill-set, you’re all competing to gain and retain the same clients. It becomes more difficult to sell yourself and your skills.

As the industry gains greater momentum, how can you stand out from other Personal Trainers? If you’re finding that your skills are being matched by other PTs in the gym, have you thought about how you can boost your appeal over your peers? What makes a client choose you, over any other PT?

As a PT, you might have found that the market is a little saturated with Personal Trainers who all hold the same qualification. Although this has elevated the standards within the industry, it does mean that there’s more room to stand out if you’re willing to work for it!
Specialising your knowledge-base is a great way for you to be the difference a client is looking for. Let’s look at the ways you can boost your PT career by making your skills appealing to a wider audience.

Identify trends

Health and fitness often sees many trends come and go – identifying them and offering certain skills to your clients will help put you ahead of other PTs who are behind the wave.

Other fitness trends might have a bit more staying power: for example, kettlebell training has really come into its own. More people look to build strength and improve their cardio in one workout, and kettlebell training really delivers.

Looking to what clients want, rather than what skills you possess, could really help you stand out. Identify what people are looking for, and develop your skills accordingly. Short CPD courses are a cost and time effective way of achieving success!

Find your passion

It’s no secret that success is often borne from passion – if you love what you do, you’ll do better, and enjoy it too. You need to love health and helping people to be a great PT, but if you want to be even better, you’ll need to find that extra skill that’ll boost your success. If you’re interested in rehabilitation and recovery, why not explore a sports massage qualification? Not only will you improve your earning potential, you’ll be pursuing an extra skill which will lead to greater job satisfaction – win!

Over deliver

Over promising and under delivering can be a sure-fire way to devalue yourself, and word can spread quickly to other potential clients; this can damage your reputation and steer people towards your competitors. Promise a little, and give a lot, that way you’re always surpassing expectations and increasing your perceived value!

Be better

Are your PT peers level 3 qualified? Stand out by taking up the next level in your qualification – a Level 4 qualification will improve your knowledge and instantly put you ahead of the crowd.

Harnessing additional disciplines will set you up as a sought after personal trainer, rather one who’s competing with PTs of a similar standard. Finding ways of adding value to your clients, and working towards that will help you achieve and deliver more.
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The Training Room | 07/09/2017 09:00:00

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