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The Roles and Responsibilities of a Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer allows you to completely change your life, and make a career out of something you truly love; fitness. Becoming a personal trainer can also help you change your life for the better, and many other people’s lives, as you help them meet their fitness goals.

Becoming a personal trainer will present you with a whole number of different roles and responsibilities. Firstly, it requires you to teach and help people exercise properly, alongside planning, motivating, educating and coaching your client on everything from workouts to exercise plans; which will change from client to client.

And if you think being a gym instructor or fitness instructor is the same as being a personal trainer, think again, as there are a number of differences between the two roles. Personal trainers have more fitness qualifications that gym instructors, and can therefore can provide people with tailored health and fitness advice. Check out all the differences.

With so much to know, and being able to adapt yourself to each person you train, finding the right personal training course is of extreme importance to both you, and future clients.

Here at The Training Room we provide a variety of flexible personal training courses, which are designed to suit you; so you can gain your personal training certification and begin your life changing career.


Firstly, it is important to note that the majority of personal trainers are self-employed, so you’ll end up becoming your own boss.

When it comes to the job role itself, personal trainers are expected to create a one-on-one fitness programme for their clients, which can help promote realistic health and fitness goals, to help them achieve their intended goals.

Alongside the plan, personal trainers conduct one-on-one sessions with their clients where they help them meet their goals. This can be anything from losing weight to gaining muscle, and conducted through everything from doing aerobics, using machines, walking or using weights, amongst many other processes. You’ll also need to help your clients through their workouts during the session, providing them with all the vital information they require to use the machinery.

Alongside this it’s important to ensure your clients follow their health plans that you assign for them, so the can reach their goals.


To be a Personal Trainer, you need a minimum Level 3 Certificate, which you can obtain at The Training Room through one of our personal training courses.

This will put you in the ideal position to deal with a whole range of clients, and effectively address their specific needs and requirements, and help them reach their intended fitness and health goals.

However, alongside this, one thing a personal trainer can do to ensure they have the best knowledge possible, to help both them and their clients, is to keep learning. This can be done through a number of optional modules, where you can learn and develop extra skills sets, which can then be added to your repertoire, allowing you to expand the types of fitness training you provide, and in turn expand your client base.


With a variety of flexible courses, to help you study in a way that suits you, and a variety of additional modules, so you can be the best you can be – it’s the perfect place to learn. To find out more...

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