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National Friendship Month

Friends running on the sand

This September is National Friendship Month, so celebrate your friendships and put a little time aside for friends near and far. Whether you pick up the phone and make that call you’re always meaning to make, pop round to a friend’s house for the usual Friday night catch up, or get your circle of friends together for a date that suits all of your diaries, make sure you celebrate this occasion!

Get fit with friends

We think National Friendship Month is the perfect time to get fit with friends. Maybe you’ve abandoned the gym for a little while or get bored when you exercise alone…Well why not turn fitness into a fun activity? Get your group of friends together and go for an after-work run, or turn your best friend into your fitness buddy and couple up to encourage each other to work out at the gym.

The thought of exercising and working out seems less daunting when a friend is doing it with you; so turn it into a social event, have a chat, spur each other on to reach your personal goals and enjoy a healthy bite to eat post-workout. Now that’s how you turn fitness into fun!

Keep it up

Once you’ve found your favourite fitness partners and established an exercise routine with them, make sure you keep it up – even after National Friendship Month! Just make space in your diary and your hectic work schedule to exercise with a friend at least once a week. It will encourage you to keep up the hard work, make you feel fit and healthy and strengthen your friendships.

So step into your running trainers and get fit with friends!

As a personal trainer, why not consider offering special 'National Friendship Month' rates for group sessions throughout September?

Global Administrator | 05/09/2014 11:01:01

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