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Goldie Sayers - London 2012

Goldie Sayers throwing the javelin


In my last blog I said that I wanted a memorable Olympic Games. Well it certainly was memorable but unfortunately not necessarily for the reasons that I wished for!

Three weeks before the Olympics I threw a personal best and British record of 66.17m in the wind and rain at Crystal Palace. I had the best first three rounds of my life. However, in a latter round of the competition I partially tore an elbow ligament. Going into an MRI scanner on your 30th birthday (2 days after the competition), not knowing if you’re going to be able to compete in a home Olympics when you are in the shape of your life is not an experience I would recommend! I was thankfully given the all-clear to compete. My physio did a superb job to get me back to full fitness.

My desire is still as strong as ever and at 30 I am still improving so all I can think of is that a medal in Rio will be that much sweeter

The only issue was that I had not thrown maximally in that time as I had to save the hardest efforts for inside the stadium. Unfortunately on my last warm up throw inside the stadium my elbow ligament fully ruptured making me unable to feel my hand. I tried to throw but the lack of feeling made it impossible. After the third round, the pain hit me.

I have never believed in luck until this experience. For whatever reason, I was not meant to be successful in London. I’m sure in years to come I will figure out why. However, my desire is still as strong as ever and at 30 I am still improving so all I can think of is that a medal in Rio will be that much sweeter.

I have since had an operation to reattach the ligament and I am back training moderately on the rest of my body. I have what can only be described as a Forrest Gump style brace on my right arm. When that comes off in a month or so’s time, the road to Rio 2016 starts. Success does have a destination but you have to enjoy the process. I do and that’s what matters most.

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Global Administrator | 05/09/2012 10:50:41

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