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Why become a PT in time for January?


We’ve all heard the popular expression ‘New Year, new me’, and for good reason. The start of the new year sees an increase in people of all ages reflecting on the previous 12 months and making some changes for the year ahead. A whopping 40% of New Year's resolutions are centred around fitness and adopting a healthier lifestyle which makes January the best month of the year to take your career to the next level.

January brings with it a warm, optimistic feeling of promise and the start of fresh goals and new beginnings, but if you wait until January to gain your qualification, you’ll miss the new year rush. Now is the perfect time to start your personal trainer learning journey! By starting now you are giving yourself the time needed to become qualified and employed with a respected gym and to gain the skills and experience you need to help your customers grab 2023 with both hands, and help them fulfil their new year's fitness targets.   

Here, we explore the reasons why you should consider becoming a PT in time for January and the many benefits this exciting career change will have.

Why should I train as a Personal Trainer in time for January?

If you’re considering training as a Personal Trainer in time for January, there couldn’t be a better time to kick-start your fresh career and help an influx of new clients to achieve their fitness goals.

Becoming qualified as a PT in readiness for the New Year unlocks a wealth of opportunities:
  • You’ll be starting your new career at a time when demand for qualified personal trainers is at its highest.
  • The client base you build in January will form the foundation of your client base for the rest of the year and onwards.
  • Client motivation is at its highest and therefore results will be positive. Nothing helps build a reputation in the fitness industry better than positive results.
  • You have the opportunity to change more lives than at any other time of the year.
If you’re keen to qualify as a PT in time for January and this is your first step into the fitness industry, we can help. We have compiled some useful tips in our blog: Can I become a Personal Trainer with no experience?

The benefits of becoming a PT

Personal training brings with it a wealth of benefits and is a dynamic, rewarding, and healthy career choice. It is not just a career, it is a lifestyle, and one that brings countless advantages to you, your career ambitions, and your customers.

Among the many benefits of a PT career are:
  • Emotionally rewarding and stimulating
  • New Year peak busy periods
  • Flexible hours to suit your own timetable
  • Competitive salary
  • Benefits the physical, emotional, and mental health of yourself and others
  • A rise in fitness interest and benefits among the public
  • Becoming a pillar of support for your customer base
  • Opportunity to witness growth, development and help customers hit goals
  • A position with job satisfaction that makes you feel valued
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • Ability to share knowledge and expertise
  • Regularly meeting and working with new people
Tempted? Find out more in our blog: What does being a Personal Trainer entail?

Qualify as a Personal Trainer in time for 2023!

Get ready to transform your and your customers' lives in 2023 and qualify as a personal trainer today.

Looking for a personal trainer course? We have a range of packages, including our Professional Package which has been designed for those taking their first steps into the Health and Fitness industry.

Find out more or get in touch with one of our friendly, expert teams today who will be more than happy to help.

Good luck!


The Training Room | 06/10/2022 09:00:00

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