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Struggling PT Client? Motivate Them with This!

struggling-pt-client-motivate-them-with-this-01.jpgLooking for some new ways to keep your PT clients engaged? Do you have a challenging client that you’re struggling to motivate?

As a personal trainer you’ll spend a lot of time motivating your clients as they go through their workout routines, but sometimes they may be having a bad day in the gym and will turn to you for a little extra support and encouragement.

We’ve all been there when you’ve busted your butt in the gym all week and didn’t get the results you’d hoped for, or you weren’t able to fit the workout you’d planned into your schedule because you just didn’t have time. It can be pretty frustrating but a little extra motivation from a trainer or gym buddy goes a long way and helps your client remember that they aren’t alone in feeling that way.

Use these top tips to get the best out of your clients in the gym!


We all tend to feel a little deflated from time to time when we’ve set ourselves a goal only to fall short. It can feel frustrating and demotivating and it’s important to listen to your client’s thoughts and feelings on this. Clearly, that goal meant a lot to them and they feel upset they haven’t achieved it. However, the good news is that you can turn this situation around by utilising their determination to succeed! Your client is obviously very goal driven, so use that to your advantage when you train them.

Set your client mini goals to achieve throughout the week and give them something new to aim for. You can then use these mini goals as stepping stones to get clients to achieve their bigger goal (even if it’s a week or two behind schedule, at least they got there in the end!)

Setting your clients little achievements gives them achievable targets to aim for and will help to keep them on track during a rough patch (where they might be tempted to skip out on a few workouts). When trying to accomplish big goals in the gym it can be far more beneficial to take your client’s mind off the end result and instead focus on a day-to-day schedule to help keep them on track.

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push-ups-01.pngHighlight their abilities

As a personal trainer, you’ll already know that one of the most common reasons your clients and gym-goers in general struggle being consistent in the gym is because they don’t feel confident in their skills, strength and abilities. If you’ve seen a really athletic person smashing out the same exercise that makes you want to lay down for 5-minutes, it’s easy to feel like you don’t belong.

You’ll also know that each and every one of your clients are different and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. Build up your client’s confidence by getting them to specialize in something they are naturally really good at. It will show them they are more capable than they realize and the confidence they build here will carry over onto everything else you work together on. It also keeps their interests and passions alive and keeps their training consistent, which in turn allows them to keep track of their progress and improvement. 

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Struggling-PT-Client-emphasize-01.pngMake it fun

As a professional personal trainer, you’ll be heavily into the fitness lifestyle, which means that living a healthy lifestyle is central to everything you do. But it can be easy to forget that this way of life isn’t always the same for your clients and they might not find it as easy to stick to it as you do.

You’re bound to have clients of all abilities and it’s important to remember that what’s fun for you may not be fun for them. You might absolutely love training hard and pushing yourself to the limit each time you hit the gym, but your client may need a softer approach while they settle into this new way of life.

Although you’d never dream of skipping your workout, your client may need some motivation to get that spinning class in after a long, hard day at work.

Keep everyone fired up by making each session fun and varied. You’ll need to tailor this to each person, but it’s worth thinking up games and fun exercises that they’ll find challenging yet fun! You can also amp up the praise by filming them (with their permission of course!) and posting it on your social media as inspiration for your other clients (and future clients – if they see your existing clients having loads of fun, it might encourage them to book with you too!)

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