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The Best 3 Skills You’ll Learn on our Strength & Conditioning Course


Are you qualified as a Personal Trainer? Looking for a different skill to add to your repertoire? Why not consider The Training Room’s Strength & Conditioning course?

If you are already a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer, you are able to enroll on this Level 4 Strength & Conditioning course. If you’re not and still want to take this course, don’t worry! Check out our full-time and part-time Personal Trainer courses page - the quickest way to get qualified as a Personal Trainer with The Training Room.

Ready to find out all about our Strength & Conditioning course? Take a look at our top 3 skills that you’ll learn with us below to become the best possible Strength and Conditioning Coach!

1) Becoming a Brilliant Strength and Conditioning Coach

First and foremost, one of the most valuable skills you’ll learn on one of our Strength & Conditioning courses is how to make that transition from a Personal Trainer to an elite coach. As course providers, we’ll teach you what it really takes to achieve the Level 4 Strength and Conditioning qualification, whilst working with coaches who work at the highest level of sports and fitness performance.

One of the top strength & conditioning training experts, Dr. Seedman of Advanced Human Performance, attributes the following skills to master in order to become a brilliant coach: first is being able to practically apply science, second is the art of communication, and third is having a critical eye for movement. Read more on learning and evolving as a strength coach here.

2) Advanced Training and Programme Design

In practical terms, this is the skill that’ll be most useful to you when working with clients who are looking to advance their training plan.

As part of the course, you’ll master the ability to design comprehensive needs analyses, resistance training programmes, and long term athletic development - all of which will set you apart from the competition in strength and conditioning exercise. Each module has been developed to ensure you’re in capable hands to receive training that’ll allow you to raise your career to the next level.

Having the knowledge to apply these advanced principles, to suit the needs of different clients, will ensure success as a strength & conditioning coach in the industry.

3) Building Your Business

Finally, one of the best skills you can learn on our Strength and Condition course is how to build a successful business in the industry - whether that be traditional face-to-face, or even starting an online PT business. You will acquire and develop the knowledge needed to improve business skills and build confidence in coaching that’ll transform you from a Level 3 Personal Trainer to a Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Starting your own business will also give you the flexibility and freedom to find your niche and train what, and who, you want. For example, the knowledge you gain from this course may inspire you to further learn and offer boxing strength and conditioning, football strength and conditioning or you could even offer strength and conditioning for runners.

The UK’s First Official Strength & Conditioning Course

It’s an exciting time for elite coaching, and this course has been developed to help already-qualified Level 3 Personal Trainers stand out from the crowd in the industry. Armed with all the knowledge and skills learned from experienced instructors, who have been in the industry for many years, you’ll be well on your way to elite coaching success.

For more information on the course, including everything you’ll learn and for enrolment dates, click the button below.

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