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The 3 best skills you’ll learn on our Personal Trainer courses

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It’s a big decision choosing to enroll on a Personal Training course, so in our latest health and fitness blog at The Training Room, we’ve made it a little easier for you by listing the 3 best skills that you’ll come away mastering, after completing one of our Level 3 Diploma Personal Trainer courses.

Our comprehensive course consists of two core modules. The first being an introductory module that teaches you the foundations that are required to become a professional in the fitness game, qualifying you to step up to then teach those skills to your clients.

The second core module will focus on your development of key skills that are needed in order to work as a Personal Trainer, this means going into the planning and instruction of personal training sessions, to help your clients meet their specific goals. When both modules have been completed, you’ll be awarded with our Level 3 Personal Training qualification.

Now you understand the course structure, here are the 3 best skills you’ll have mastered by completing one of our Personal Trainer courses.

1) The principles of anatomy and physiology for health, fitness and exercise programmes

Getting the foundations right from the start is essential to your success as a Personal Trainer, so we make sure you understand the principles of anatomy and physiology for health, fitness and exercise programmes. By learning these principles and the physiological effect that good nutrition, better fitness, and regular exercise has on the human body, you’ll be best placed for success when constructing personal training programmes for your clients. That’s why this skill takes the top spot for us - get it right from the off and success is only a Personal Trainer course away.

2) The principles of nutrition and how to apply these to full personal training programmes

Nutrition is one of the main components of a successful personal training programme, and without good nutrition, your clients won’t see the results they’re after as fast as they want. Not only will you learn the principles of nutrition, but you’ll learn how to apply these to a personal training programme that suits the specific needs of each individual client.


3) How to work with personal training clients and construct a programme that best suits their specific needs

Now you’ve learnt the principles of anatomy and physiology plus the nutritional effects on the human body, you’re well placed to learn how to construct a programme that slots perfectly into clients’ lifestyles so they’ve got the best chance to complete it and achieve their goals.

It’s in this module that you’ll really turn it up a gear and transform from a health and fitness expert into a fully qualified Personal Trainer. Finishing the course you’ll be confident enough to deliver a professional personal training session that’ll be a key component to your client’s overall health and fitness programme.


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On top of our list of skills you’ll master on our course, you can find out what else you’ll learn in order to qualify as a fully qualified Personal Trainer through The Training Room, by checking out the Personal Trainer course page for full details.

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