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Keep Clients Motivated In The Winter Months

winter running
It's 5.30 pm, dark and temperatures are struggling to get above freezing – feel like a workout? Chances are your clients are asking themselves the same question and the answer is typically a resounding ‘no’.

Dedication and commitment is known to be at an all-time low during the winter months as we crave warmth and hibernation. But, with a little extra effort and huge amounts of motivation on your part, as a personal trainer,  you can carry your clientele through the toughest training months of the year.

Here are seven ways to do just that:

1. Set Goals

They say summer bodies are made in winter, so help your clients stay on track with short, achievable goals mixed with one or two longer-term goals for spring. Booking a specific event is a fantastic way to keep them committed to a training regime, come rain or shine.

2. Classes

As the weather limits what you can do outside, this is a great opportunity to encourage your clients to shake things up. Give them a one-on-one taster of some of the classes you offer to ensure they don't feel intimidated, and get a sense of what to expect.

3. Sessions With A Friend

Longer nights can often mean an increase in social invites as we opt to stay indoors. They may have a valid reason, or two, but don't let a jam-packed diary disrupt their workout schedule. Offer your client a special price for a friend or two to join your session. Not only do you keep your appointment with them, you can showcase your talents to new customers; while they have a great catch up between burpees.

4. Shorter Sessions

Festive drinks, family get-together's and weekends away – winter is a busy time and exercise often falls to the bottom of the priorities list. Make life easier for your client by working around them, and making whatever time you have really count. This could mean just a 20 minute HIIT session one day and a half hour weight session the next.

5. Different Times

Let's face it, there's nothing like a cold, dark evening to wipe out motivation but before your client retires to the sofa for the evening – give them a good excuse to rest, by mixing up their routine. Make the most of the daylight and their energy levels by arranging to meet them at their work for a lunchtime run, or a pre-breakfast yoga session.

6. Being Flexible

Whether you work out of a gym or for yourself, flexibility to the client’s needs is vital during the colder months. Suggest doing most of the legwork when it comes to keeping appointments. If they can't get a babysitter, offer to do an at-home workout or a Skype session if they'd rather not go out in bad weather.

7. Choose Great Locations

Although we'd like to imagine crisp blue skies, dewy mornings and hazy sunshine, the reality is that the UK's winter is grey and a little depressing. Try to salvage the scenery by choosing beautiful, picturesque scenes if you're taking your client outside. City parks, country river runs and secluded beaches are perfect to make the most of the great outdoors, and make training sessions more enjoyable.

With these handy tips, you’ll hopefully keep your clients motivated throughout the winter months, and if all goes to plan, you may even gain a few.

Global Administrator | 22/10/2015 12:35:52

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