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Fast-Track Learning, Friend or Foe?

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The fitness industry have recently been questioning the value of fast-track style personal training courses, asking if the shorter course really can provide the same quality of qualification as the longer courses available on the market.

The Training Room, alongside many other training providers offer fast track courses and we have proven the success of this quicker route to qualification, so we would like to take the opportunity to educate our audience on why 6 week personal training courses are of value to the industry, and discuss how we can qualify our students in this time frame.

The health and fitness industry is huge. The uptake in personal training courses has never been bigger. Gyms are opening up every day in major towns and cities. People know how important it is to keep themselves fit and healthy. With this in mind, our industry needs Personal Trainers to take on these roles and inspire a generation. We work with many of the major gym and health club chains and ensure we qualify our students to the standard they require. We are very proud of the calibre of students we attract and who take on our courses. For the vast majority, health and fitness is their absolute passion. They live and breathe it and want to take this passion and make it their career. We fully support students who want to do this, they are already great role models as they understand the importance of keeping fit and being healthy.

Bearing this in mind, a large proportion already have prior knowledge before starting a course, they already know the basics of training and anatomy and physiology. It is unfair to pre judge people taking intensive courses and assume that they can’t be any good as they have taken this type of fast track training. We qualify some of the best PT’s in the industry and we are very proud of our students, many of which qualify on the fast-track learning programme.

All of our courses provides students with the knowledge and tools they need to become a qualified industry professional. They have to carry out practical assessments and pass theory exams. Some of our students might agree that this can be a tough course and for those 6 weeks you have to take in a lot of information! We feel it is unfair to suggest that the course is easy and anyone can pass it. We are sure that anyone who has ever taken our course will back up how committed you have to be to achieve it. Before, throughout pre course learning, during the course, and then after, when the real work starts!

For some, a 6 week training course maybe a little bit of a stretch and they are unable to absorb all of the information to pass exams and practical assessments. This may mean that sometimes students may need to come back on a future course and retake the elements that they didn’t pass. It’s important to note that we pride ourselves in the level of tutoring and assessing on our courses. If our students do not reach the industry standards they will simply not pass. The misconception is all you need to do is simply pay for the course and you get an automatic pass which is simply not true.

We firmly believe the real learning starts when our students get out on the gym floor or they start training people from home. Practical experience is vital in the role and it can only be achieved through dealing with the public. We ensure our students learn how to deliver safe and effective exercise whilst on our courses. So our message….. Take our course and get the all-important level 3 qualification to enable you to train people. Embrace every piece of information you are taught on the course, and remember that it doesn’t stop there. Never stop learning and strive to better yourself in every way you can!

Global Administrator | 14/10/2015 14:26:54

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