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Emma Trott's Career Change To A Personal Trainer

Emma Trott running
Emma Trott is a retired racing cyclist and has decided to become a Personal Trainer through The Training Room. Find out why Personal Training is the right career choice for her:

You retire from professional sport. You are unsure about the next chapter of your life. Maybe you make the wrong decision before you make the right one? Life is about learning, is what they say! Two lines can sum up how it’s been since retiring from cycling. I often used to wonder why professional athletes suffer from depression when they quit. I can now totally understand why.

Since retiring from cycling it’s been a case of finding myself. Finding where I fit in the so call real world. What am I good at? What can I do? Initially I followed the wrong path and made my mistakes. I shouldn't have jumped into the real world but instead take a step back, reflect on everything that had been and just enjoy some much needed family time. Forever learning the hard way, that’s me.

Although, if you never make mistakes, you never end up on the good path. I've been lucky over the years to have a support team around me, which through good and bad, will be right behind me. Partner, family, friends, teams, all meant I was able to achieve everything I did. I now welcome a new support crew on board to support me in the next chapter of my life.

I’m going back to school! Going back to the old routine of getting up early and following a time table. Might not be to everyone’s cup of tea but this is an opportunity that I am extremely excited about. With the support of The Training Room and their sponsorship, I am able to undertake studies and become a qualified Personal Trainer.

After I retired I spoke a lot about wanting to give back. So many people have helped throughout the years, I now want to become that person who helps people achieve their goals. Being a Personal Trainer is exactly that. I get more pleasure from life seeing others achieve than I do or ever did myself. Personal Training means you get to meet a variety of people, every day is different from the day before. It also means I have a number of different job opportunities. Whether that be working in a gym as a PT, taking classes or having my own business.

By becoming a Personal Trainer and having the support of The Training Room it means I can stay in the world of sport and fitness. The world that is closest to my heart and the one which I have always loved. When you have a passion for something, life is easy. It also means I can take my qualifications overseas and start life in New Zealand with my partner.

A month ago life looked a little blurry. Since my initial conversation with The Training Room I was convinced this is exactly the path I wanted to follow. I cannot complain about the level of support they have given me this far and I look forward to continuing the journey.

Life is now looking good and everything is falling into place. I am excited about the future.

Global Administrator | 24/10/2014 15:26:46

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