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Use Your iPhone 5S To Track Your Activity

iPhone 5S
Using very little power, the M7 constantly measures and tracks motion data, keeping the information accessible to any apps that may need it. That means fitness and lifestyle apps no longer need to be active or running in the background to track user movements throughout the day, a benefit that could allow developers to harvest and utilize information on their users' daily habits in much greater detail than previously possible.
Strava was first out of the gate to take advantage of the M7, releasing version 3.5.3 of Strava Run just four days after the iPhone 5s was released. 

The new version adds an Auto-Pause feature for runners, giving them highly accurate activity level data without having to directly interact with the app. It also takes advantage of the M7's low-power constant monitoring, as the app gathers information from the chip for those times when Strava is not running. 

Auto-Pause kicks in whenever the M7 senses that you stop moving, whether to take a break, respond to an email, or use the app’s new built in Instagram integration to snap a photo. While paused, the app automatically turns off GPS, saving battery life.

The app also suspends real-time pace information until the M7 senses you’ve started running again. As the company explains, "If you were running a 7 minute mile pace but stopped for two minutes to take and upload a photo (finishing the mile in 9 minutes) the audio cues and pace data on your iPhone will continue to show that you kept a 7 minute mile pace."

Strava allows users to track their runs via GPS, displaying maps of their route alongside stats such as distance, pace, elevation, and calories burned. It also allows users to compete on interactive score boards, find and follow friends, and explore new places to run.

The coming months will almost certainly see more developers adding new features relying on the M7. Nike, maker of the popular Nike+ app, has already promised a Nike+ Move based on the M7's capabilities. 
As identified the iPhone 5s with its new technology will act as a fantastic tool for individuals engaging in physical activity to collate, store and track information. 

This can aid personal trainers and their clients. Personal trainers can set various goals for their clients and the M7 can be used via multiple apps to track a clients progress in reaching their set goals. 

Global Administrator | 10/10/2013 10:59:09

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