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Primal Move - The Latest Exercise Class Trend

Primal Move Fitness
The latest exercise class, Primal Move, is on its way across the pond to the UK!

This brand new yet old school fitness trend is taking the functional training world by storm.

Primal Move is a game-based, play-oriented approach to the art and science of enhancing your movement skill. It allows the body to repossess its natural movement from when we were babies, before being hindered through sitting at desks in schools and post-education, in offices.

The benefits of taking part in a Primal Move class include the ability to move with elegance, strength, power and speed, improved endurance, it aids injury, enhances energy levels and overall provides a great sense of well-being.

You don’t have to take part in a Primal Move class to reap the benefits, the functional movements involved can be intertwined into your own daily training, instruction and/or sport specific training immediately.

All ages and abilities can enjoy this latest form of training as there are both progressions, for those looking to be challenged, and regressions for those who are less capable or who may be recovering from an injury.

The fact that it is game-based makes Primal Move a fun class so that exercise can be enjoyable and through better movement, you will be able to enjoy whatever you like doing in life.

I have pointed out the latest exercise class, now to keep you up to date with the latest training equipment. 

Strength ropes - you may have seen or heard of them but what exactly are strength ropes and how can they help you or your clients with training?

If you are a member of a top gym with all the latest equipment, you should have definitely seen and maybe even used a fantastic piece of equipment called strength ropes.

Strength ropes are extremely versatile, high intensity, zero-impact conditioning tools that help to deliver maximum results. Holding a rope in each hand, the idea is to move your arms up and down creating ripples and waves along the length of the rope. They can also be swung from side to side to work the arms and shoulder muscles. Furthermore, a lunge or squat can also be employed when using the ropes to get a total body workout.

The strength ropes can be used solely or incorporated into your training program to really increase your heart rate, improve core stability, endurance and strength.

Athletes and celebrities swear by them to get their full-body metabolic workout, mobilising every muscle group. They are the latest and most highly rated piece of equipment in modern fitness training to help you and your clients reach your results.

There are lots of videos on YouTube to see examples of a Primal Move class and to get ideas of how you can use strength check them out and get the most out of your training!

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