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Top 10 Easy Tips For Becoming a More Effective Personal Trainer


Looking to spruce up your Personal Training skills or getting ready to start your first day on the job? Don’t worry, we’re here to make sure you get plenty of industry advice and excel in your health and fitness career! There’s plenty of different ways to ensure you're the absolute best Personal Trainer you can be for your clients. It’s all about focusing on your clients wants and needs, showing off your awesome personality and being involved as much as possible to shape their mindset… and waistline too! Find our tips and tricks below that you can easily apply to your sessions to win over the clients trust and gain new ones at the same time: 
Don’t cheer from the side-lines, be the trainer they need! 
An awesome Personal Trainer will want to be as much of a teacher, mentor and leader for their client’s personal health and fitness goals instead of telling them what they want to hear or acting as an assistant on the gym floor. In short, a passive trainer isn’t going to get results or win over clients' trust. Take the knowledge you’ve acquired over training and experience and give your clients the best version of yourself professionally. 
Be a good listener and truly understand your clients’ motivations 
It sounds simple, but we all need a reminder to really absorb what a client wants and needs from their experience at the gym. As well as implementing a workout plan based on their physical needs, learning their interests, and incorporating workouts they really enjoy will show your vested interest in how they have a fun experience with you - and will help you gain new clients and referrals as a result! 
Stay flexible with your approach, be open to changes and the unexpected 
You could make an excellent, well-coordinated program ideal for your client, but they still might request for changes depending on their needs, comfortability and what they think would work best for them. So, roll with the punches and rework the program based on their thoughts and feedback. Also when it comes to cancellations, providing a 24 hour cancellation notice will protect you from last-minute no-shows and having a contingency plan in case a client has a family emergency or illness. These things happen after all! 
Feel free to give your client challenges and test their abilities 
Clients who have gone out of their way to hire a Personal Trainer don’t expect everything to be easy breezy - feel free to try and get your client out of their comfort zone and help them make new ground! Within reason, of course. Avoid belittling or taunting, give them plenty of positive reinforcement and know that you're on their side and want them to achieve their ultimate body goals and gain real results. 
Never stop learning, invest time to read up on the latest trends 
Staying privy to industry knowledge, personal training trends as well as anatomy, physiology and nutrition know-how needed to impart great tips and lessons to your clients is key to staying a relevant, curious and well-informed Personal Trainer. This could be from following industry social media accounts that you find helpful, ordering some relevant books that pique your interest or investing in upskilling yourself with new courses to boost your credentials. 
Keep developing yourself too and practice what you preach!
We’re not saying go get yourself an 8-pack and the leanest physique that you absolutely can. Instead, just keep on looking to improve your own personal fitness in order to reach your ideal body - not just for you and your own confidence but to motivate your client. They’ll know you're truly dedicated to your craft and are passionate about all thing’s fitness. So, if you can help it, keep on doing the workouts and eating an ideal diet that you enjoy! 
Consider picking a speciality to stand out to potential clients
If you want to get ahead of the curve, an ideal way to increase your clientele is by continuing to learn after you gain your Personal Training certification and specialising in a particular area within health and fitness. Whether it’s yoga, boxing, muay thai, strength and conditioning or nutrition - there’s plenty of different avenues to go down depending on what you enjoy or where you feel that you’d gain more clients. Here at The Training Room, we happen to offer further learning in nutrition, boxing and strength and conditioning to increase your knowledge and bump up your credentials.  
Ensure you’ve got a winning personality that will inspire others 
Shaping and delivering your personality with clients is a big ingredient to gaining superb reviews, feedback and to keep bringing in the business! Some trainers are known for taking a calm and caring approach while others are a bit intense and give off a more fiery bootcamp vibe. Work on how you want to present yourself, inspire clients and figure out what kind of approach suits you the most. 
Remain patient and understanding when changes occur 
Being patient and considerate is a huge part of being a Personal Trainer. Clients may stray when it comes to stay motivated, following a diet or workout plan and what words of encouragement you have for somebody will work on some but not others. Sometimes, you might have a stubborn client that doesn’t follow the plan at all, snacks on icecream and chips at home then wonders why they can’t drop any weight. Try to understand your clients mindset and not get frustrated. Teach the importance of following through with a plan, consistency and see what you can do to help clients with any setbacks. 
Create a safe space for your clients, let them feel comfortable 
The gym can be an intimidating space for people who aren’t accustomed to using one. Whatever your training style might be, ensure they feel welcomed, empowered and free to express themselves in an environment that might be a little uneasy to them at first. How do you do that? Let them know in your own way that they are in a judgement free, competition free space. This could happen organically, but there’s no harm in giving some reassurances if you think your client could benefit from it. 
Get started as a Personal Trainer and upskill along the way 
We offer a first-class Level 3 in Personal Training course that is highly recognised by hiring managers within the Health and Fitness industry. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to become a fabulous, dependable Personal Trainer who’s able to provide clients the kind experience they’re looking for. 
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