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Work Out to Help Out


With the UK Government’s Eat Out to Help Out initiative now firmly a thing of the past, many companies and people are calling for a new Work Out to Help Out initiative! This was being considered by the Health Secretary himself and the possibility of subsidised gym memberships and personal training sessions were being considered, however with the country under stricter guidelines once again, these are no longer possible.

So, we decided to explore how we could all get involved in a ‘Work Out to Help Out’ initiative across the country using alternative methods.

Exercise Daily

This year, more than ever, it’s been so important to ensure you keep your body moving, blood flowing and lungs working. Back during the national lockdown in March, we all turned into home-based Personal Trainers with the range of indoor exercises being completed across the country and whilst that was inspiring, it’s important that we are getting fresh air also.

Utilise your allocated daily exercise time by going for a run, walk or skip (if that’s your thing). Even a leisurely stroll around the block can sometimes be better than a home workout! Remember, Work Out to Help Out isn’t just to support gyms and sports centres, it is also there to help out your mind and wellness, as well as your physical body!

Organise a Joint Training Session

As per government guidelines, you can exercise in an outdoor space with one person from another household. This is a great way to keep yourself motivated to exercise, whilst seeing a friend (at a safe distance, of course) can improve yours and their mental health.

Help Gyms Out 

One of the main reasons that Work Out to Help Out was initially conjured up is that whilst the Eat Out to Help Out scheme provided a much needed boost to the UK economy, it was only targeted at the restaurant sector. The sports industry is one that is suffering and with gyms closed once again, they need your help!

Of course, it is not currently permitted to physically train at gyms, but there are other ways to help out:

  • Purchase a gym membership in advance of reopening.
  • Purchase equipment or merchandise from gyms.
  • Share and interact with their social media accounts.
  • Donate! Gyms and sports centres, particularly smaller ones, may have crowdfunding set up to support them.

Utilise Zoom Again!

Many people across the world are still using Zoom daily for work, leisure or social purposes, however for most of us, the ‘phase’ of weekly zoom calls and quizzes with family and friends have slowed down. Now we are once again in a position where we can’t all get together, it’s time to bring the Zoom calls back! It doesn’t have to be quizzes, of course, as you could couple up the calls with important daily activities; working out for example! 

Host online workout sessions with friends and family to ensure you are all keeping fit and healthy. As you will all be saving money by not having to pay for a group fitness session, why not donate £1 each to a charity of someone’s choosing?

That concludes our list of recommendations, however there are so many different ways that you can integrate keeping yourself fit with helping out people or companies who are in need.

If you fancy yourself as a Personal Trainer, why not take a look at how The Training Room can get you started?

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The Training Room | 19/11/2020 10:00:00

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