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Blog Topics Related to Nutrition


To support the launch and release of our brand new Level 4 Nutrition course, we decided to take a look back at some of our blogs related to Nutrition to provide you with some key information surrounding the topic.

A Balanced Diet for Women

It’s no longer a secret that the key to a healthy lifestyle is to ensure your body is consuming a well-balanced diet. It’s often hard to know exactly what you need, particularly if you don’t hold a Nutrition qualification, and it’s important to know that a balanced diet for women is different to a balanced diet for men and what those differences are.

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A Balanced Diet for Men

Men tend to require more calories than women to sustain a healthy, well-balanced diet. This, of course, comes with the caveat that it depends on the size, stature and lifestyle of the individual. Give this a read if you want to find out some examples of foods from different food groups that support a balanced diet, as well as some top tips! 

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A Balanced Diet for Vegans

A balanced diet can look different to people with a variety of reasons, from diabetes to vegetarianism. One that is rising in popularity and has a very specific set of foods that could and should be consumed, is veganism. Read this to find out the best foods you should eat along with some example recipes!

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Top Foods to Boost Your Immune System

When practising as a Nutrition Coach, it’s vital to know what foods are best, rich with what vitamins and ultimately what foods support your immune system. This blog also contains some great tips within your lifestyle that can help boost your immune system too!

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Best Long Life Foods to Provide the Right Nutrition

It’s always important to have your cupboards stocked with long-life foods as they form many staple meals, and also for those rainy days or those evenings where you haven’t got dinner in and simply can’t be bothered to go out! This year people have stocked up more than ever and whilst it’s a good idea, it’s also integral that the long-life foods you do have at home should be of nutritious value.

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Here are a few more that you may find interesting:

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If you’ve read this far, you’re probably interested in Nutrition. Have you ever considered becoming a Nutrition Coach? If so, click below to find out how The Training Room can help you get there!

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